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Can I use my wife's magicband for FP


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Here's the situation:

I'm an AP, rest of the family has 8 day Park Hoppers for our 8 day trip. As an AP I'm limited to 7 consecutive days of FP+s. The question is can I make FP+'s for my wife (she's not a big ride person) for that 8th day and just use her magic band so that I can ride with my kids??


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I think as long as she comes in the park you are ok. We made FP for our group and then a friend joined us and we couldn't get more FP so I let him use my band to ride a couple of the rides.

X-S Press Matt

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Yea, you should be fine. My wife let a friend use her magic band so they could go on a ride last year. Not sure if anything has changed since then.


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As long as she is in the park with you, then yes, you can swap MBs to use the FP+. System might freak out/block you if she hops to a different park/is in a different park than you are trying to use the MB in however.


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Yup, that works - as mentioned, provided you're all in the park together. I haven't tried other possibilities, but I know this one works having done it a lot on the last trip.
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