buying child tickets instead of adult tickets


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Let's just call this what it is. When you are taking advantage of the system by lying, YOU ARE WRONG!!! Look at the discounts available thru sites like, and even the discounts available thru Disney. I don't like paying full boat either, but let's be honest. If you attempt to take advantage and get caught, who's fault is it really?


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Re: Re: buying child tickets instead of adult tickets

Originally posted by SpongeScott
never tried that because it's called CHEATING and STEALING.
Nope - its called Obtaining Goods by Deception - its FRAUD


Originally posted by luvJC4saken
So your family buys, say, a 5 day hopper even though they only go for 4. Then they just keep doing this year after year and after four times they get to go for free? That might be a good idea to save money. But I don't know. Someone willing to do the math? Is buying four years of 5 day hoppers and going the 5th time for free cheaper than just buying 5 years of 4 day hoppers?
Probably, since there's usually an annual price increse. Unless, of course, you bought five years worth of tix at the same time.


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Id hate to go on a trip with such judgemental people.

So the suggestion is wrong! but do we have to attack? Most messages wher all rightous and stuff.

CHILLLLLL OUTTTT. Its wrong they know it but we are our own selves and will make our own decisions! you get into the parks cheap or not

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