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...but What CHARACTER said it!

Okay this is gonna be an easy one since my signature gives it away. "Heheheh... the city of St. Canard is home to a thousand criminals."


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john from carousel of progress

well if parks characters countttt....

"small world huh, we use that song on my planet to break the enemy"
LOL....left out the "Zork"...."on my planet Zork"

Sonny Eclipse

"Comical poems suitable for the occasion, extemporized and thought up before your very eyes. "
ohohohohohohoho oh boy.... ok so...

sonny eclipse is an animatronic alien at cosmic ray's starlight cafe in tomorrowland at the magic kingdom. he sings 8 original songs in a 27 minute loop all day every day [unless there's a christmas party, then there's a dj there]
i'm surprised he's so underrated and obscure since he's in the middle of the busiest restaurant in the park.
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