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Building a Droid


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I just dropped a link to your thread in the Chit Chat Chit Chat thread...there are several SW fans over there...hopefully you get some more views...!!! :)

What are your plans for R2-D2 when comeplete...?!
He will just become a decoration in my house.


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Latest progress picture. It is really coming together, but there are still a lot of details to do.

View attachment 359194
Holy cannoli, that is amazing! And a work of art. Bravo, sir. 👏👏👏

Btw, R2 is my favorite - got 2 models, one is the Sphero robot.

I tip my hat.


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Really nice work! You have done a great job on the build but what I find amazing is that you continued to post and let everyone know the progress. Many people would have let that part slide and left people hanging. Bravo sir, bravo!
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