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Hi folks, does anyone know if there are coffee table books about any of the Asian Disney resorts? There are a lot about the domestic parks and even some about Paris but I just can’t find anything about Tokyo, Hong Kong or Shanghai. Thanks y’all :)


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I'm a big fan of books like "Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality ["DLP:FSTR"], filled with art, models, background stories, etc. and really wish each park, including Universal's parks, would get something similar. Short answer: there is unfortunately nothing at that level for the Asian parks, though there are a few books.

- Shanghai almost had one that sounded great - "Shanghai DL: A Celebration of Dreams" book, which looked to be the size of DLP:FSTR. It had SKU and was listed on Amazon but cancelled before publication for some reason. They did publish 100 copies of a 96-page "Shanghai Disneyland, Opening Day Souvenir" which I've never seen.

Hong Kong
- When Honk Kong opened, Disney published a small hardcover and accompanying thinner softcover - they were designed for internal, commemorative purposes. I was able to get one of each buy contacting the WDI store on its campus directly. These books are decent, but not great - not close to being the comprehensive showcase that is DLP:FSTR.

- This resort has no DLP:FSTR-level coffee table books at all (that I'm aware of). There is a fairly nice softcover photo book of early (~2006), empty DisneySea by Shinichiro Koboyashi, which you can find on ebay.

Hope the recent "Art of Disneyland Paris" template will repeated for all the other parks in the future.

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