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Hello, booking a week Wdw and a week cruise over Xmas (not this year) firstly is it worth booking it through Disney is there any extra perks rather than an outside travel agent? (I’m from the uk)
Would also be helpful if anyone had any tips places to stay or things to do ?
I am a big Disney nerd and will be and the park from the moment it opens to the Time it closes ! 😁😁 thanks in advance

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We always book through a TA, but we have to factor in getting to the mainland also.
Virgin doesn't do it's deals through TA's . It's only through online .
Best is to shop around and see what you can get.


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If it were my honeymoon, I'd opt for one of the more romantic resorts - POFQ/POR, Grand Floridian, Poly, perhaps Old Key West. However, if you're an open-to-close parks person, I'd recommend the cheapest option. No point in paying a ton for resort ambiance and pool if you're just looking for a comfortable place to sleep.

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First off congrats on getting married and the honeymoon. That is very exciting. I have stayed at the Grand Floridian and it was not my honeymoon or really no special time and it was to say the least luxurious. I think if you want beautiful and elegant you should go that way. Now if you want beautiful in a more secluded way I would go with Poly.

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