Bongos is closing?


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I've heard Bongo's will become a new "exciting, uniquley-themed dining experience."

In other words, yes, but IDK about it moving.


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It hasn't felt long for the new Disney Springs world. I'm not surprised if this turns out to be true. It seems like it'd fit better in a new location.


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In the Parks
please!! They have had heath inspection issues in the past and there is no way you'll get me to ever eat there.


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I like the idea of a Greek joint. I went to Cat Cora's restaurant at the Boardwalk back in 2012, but it was gone shortly after that. I don't remember much in the way of reviews, but I do remember loving the open kitchen and the meal I had. A Greek place would be welcome at Disney Springs.
Didn't do that well. WDW diners aren't the most adventurous. It's why Morimoto has had to dumb down their menu extensively. Can only imagine seeing the look of defeat on the Iron Chef's face when they had to add Orange Chicken to the menu.
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