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Yellow Shoes

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We are considering exploring the Boardwalk area on this trip since the parks are closing early. I have posted in the Restaurant forum about food, but I am wondering what will be accessible. Will we be able to walk through the hotel lobbies? Will the shops be open? Will there be snack options?
Will it be worth the trip?


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Things can change in these uncertain of times but yes you can walk through the resort lobbies of those that may be open. Right now on the Boardwalk, most shops are still closed, some dining and QS options closed, some snack options unavailable. Weve walked the Boardwalk on past trips after doing EP or when weve had dining reservations and arrived early and its a nice leisurely walk around. The art gallery when weve gone in is overly expensive but interesting to stroll through. The other shops are typical Disney fare. Weve found the atmosphere better at night, but it is a pretty stroll around the water area. Is it worth it?? If you are looking for much to do... right now I'd say no. if you just enjoy the stroll around and have extra time to kill... maybe. As a Disney area, I've never been too enthralled about the Boardwalk and always thought Disney could do more to make it better and entertaining for those not staying there who visit.
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