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News Blue and gold color scheme arrives at the Transportation and Ticket Center


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The new color looks so much better than the old in my opinion. What a nice glow-up.
I dunno... I was never fond of the old purple either but I'm not sure this is any better - About the same for me but I think I just don't think much of the signage overall. Was this the original signage when Epcot opened? I did a little googling but can't seem to find any others.


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I'm serious though - are there any pics of the original signage? I don't think it started that way did it?
I was watching @marni1971’s transportation video and there is footage of the old ferry sign. I’m assuming the monorail signage at the TTC was the same.


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Not sure of the exact year, but the Transportation and Ticket Center colors were meant to match the Disney road signs when the "Disney Transport" brand was introduced (1989 I think, but I'm open for correction). That's also when the buses and trams moved from the orange and brown colors.

Now that the buses have moved on, it's time for the TTC to change as well. Unfortunately, it's going to take more than some character wraps to dress this area up. Maybe some classic topiaries? It doesn't need to be flashy; it just needs to not look dated.

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