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BLT Disappointment

Roy G. Dis

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Staying at BLT is 90% proximity, 10% the resort its attached to. Agree with OP that the "hotel" aspect of BLT is severely underwhelming but that's kind of the deal that comes with DVC. I think the Contemporary resort is pretty neat though.

Regarding surveys, I have never really taken the post-trip survey seriously but I did once fill out a different survey when I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. A note from the manager with a link to this Disneyland-hotel specific survey was posted near the elevators on every floor. I had a pretty bad experience my first night there and I used this survey link to explain to explain, frankly, how unacceptable it was.

Within 12 hours I had a hotel manager calling me, offering me $200 credit, 3 fastpasses for everyone in our party, and a "special visit" from Belle to our room while we were out, leaving a Moana towel, a signed photo from Belle, and a mickey plush. It was an amazing response.


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We are DVC members since 1992. Have never received a survey . We usually use DVC at least twice a year for 7-10 day visits . I am wondering if the reason no surveys is because we are in our 70's and not the demographic that Disney is interested in ? Just a thought.
I find that fascinating and I totally believe you! Just crazy since in the last year I've had 4 stays and 4 surveys. Wonder what I did to hit the jackpot... hmmm :D


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Just returned from a 3 night stay at BLT in a 1 bedroom w/water view. We're not DVC members and paid for the room. While not cheap, our family LOVED BLT and plan on coming back next year. Our kids (7 and 9) enjoyed the pool and activities they had. Adults couldn't get enough of the location and the view. No survey : )


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I think those of us here that work in marketing know that if a survey is sent, somewhere someone is reacting to it.

We have actually avoided staying at BLT because as far as we could tell, the only benefit is access to MK, which we aren't even always visiting on every trip. We are DVC AK by default, but honestly, most of our trips end up at SSR because we love walking to DS. That's what we value, and I know it's not most people's favorite resorts, but we like it.

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