Big River Grille & Brewing


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Disney has little interest in opening a restaurant at this location. For Disney, the location almost certainly is more profitable being rented out to a third party.

I suspect few third party restaurants are going to want to open at this location, incurring the costs of retheming, paying Disney's high rent, and doing so while foot traffic is down and seating capacity is limited due to COVID.

Given the current circumstances, I'm more than a little worried that re-opening now will be a money loser for Big River Grille, leading to this location's eventual closing.
I wonder with flying fish and ESPN both still closed this might help them for a while. Not sure what occupancy in the crescent lake area is right now though.

also off topic, but I always felt that the boardwalk was never fully realized in its potential. I always felt it could be a Disney Springs lite but they kinda just let it fizzle.

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