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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique moving to part of Once Upon A Toy next year


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The two rooms in the back of Once Upon A Toy (far left side in the below photo) will be closed off as of November 1st and will be converted into the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. The new boutique will have its own entrance, to be constructed in the existing building. A wall will be built at the back of the "train in the ceiling" room in Once Upon A Toy on Nov 1st.

The exterior of the building has already been repainted and the Genie removed from the "pedestal" outside. The interior division will be just to the right of the "pedestal."

(Source - long time cast member)


The front of Once Upon A Toy, with the new paint scheme. The "Once Upon A Toy" sign structure was not repainted, just the building behind it.



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This is a good move. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique has proven to be far more popular than it was when originally envisioned. The boutique has needed more room for a long long time. This will also be a great way to push more guests to the far corner of marketplace spreading them out just a little more.


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And theoretically they will have PhotoPass in the same building since as it stands now one has to visit three locations (Boutique at World of Disney, PhotoPass capture next to Guest Relations, and PhotoPass fulfillment at Art of Disney.)


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Smart move. The boutique was really too busy for the already-congested World of Disney, and we just noticed on our last visit how much dead space Once Upon a Toy seemed to have.

Also, is it bad that I'm kind of glad they took the Genie statue down? I always thought it was strange that one of the first things everyone sees coming into WDW on Lake Buena Vista Drive, was the hunched blue back of the Genie....

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Im assuming that the room that your talking about is the one in blue, correct?

And by the way I really like the new paint job on Once Upon a Toy. It just seems as though they need to replace the roofs.


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To clarify: It's moving from somewhere else on Disney Springs prop to Once Upon a Toy? It will still be located in Magic Kingdom as well?


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Update as of Wednesday, Nov 11. Once Upon A Toy is still fully open. The wall between the rooms is not in place. No update on when construction of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will start.


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Photo update as of Wednesday, June 8. Opened this morning. The new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique location next to Once Upon A Toy opened for business today. There are still construction walls outside near the stairs for the pedestrian bridge for pavement refurbishment. Sorry I didn't have photos for the actual boutique interiors, as you must be escorted by a "princess" to gain access to the "inner workings."


Inside the front door is a lobby (no seating) with two window displays and a wardrobe cabinet in the corner with sample gowns. There are two stands where cast members will assist with reservations. Once your name is called, you are escorted through a side passage to the beauty shop interior.




The old location inside the World of Disney store is closed, to become additional backstage storage for the store.



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I just noticed it looks like the fairy godmothers in training got new costumes for the new space. I kinda miss the pink, but the blue makes a lot more sense with the decor and the costume looks a little comfier overall.

Oldcostume.jpg newcostume.png
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