News 'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' Blue Sky concept revealed for Magic Kingdom


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Well it's needed, that's for sure. Could perhaps somehow tie in better with the splash overlay.. and remake the whole area a bit.
Eh, I'll take it though.


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Exactly. “Show them something so they smile and we can scrap it or VE it later.”
"Let's leave them with a really early tease of that thing we hope to do...we need to have something to counter act the hype around Universal's expansion of Epic Universe but without actually committing to it or opening near the same time"

And there it is.


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In the Parks
Well there is a lot of space back there...



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While none of this will ever get built, I think if it did, this would be an entirely new land or a sub-land of a new expansion of Fantasyland, not an expansion of Frontierland.

Also feel like it's important to remember that outside of BTMRR, the attractions in Frontierland have historically been more aligned to a Mississippi delta than the American Southwest anyway.


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@wdwmagic I think we need a new sub-forum "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain."

First impressions:

1) Coco belongs in EPCOT
2) Encanto, eh, catchy song but I dunno. Maybe it will be an omnimover ride? Or are we actually opening doors in a walkthrough.
3) Villians, that should be an entire new park.
Coco doesnt belong in epcot. If you are talking about replacing gran fiesta. Theres no room. Unless you make the queue go behind the building and build onto epcot behind the pyramid. The current area and queue structure wouldnt handle it. Gran fiesta is perfect for what little space there is.

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