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Best Shop for Wide Variety of Ears


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We will be at the parks next week, and I'm wondering....what is the best place to shop for ears? We want the out of the ordinary kinds, like Avengers (Thor, in particular), Star Wars, etc. We were thinking DS may have some shops with the best variety, as well as possibly prices, or is it better in parks?


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The most I've seen in one place are the World of Disney (at Disney Springs) and MouseGear at EPCOT. Though they tend to be themed with different parks, so you may find more Avengers at Hollywood Studios and more Star Wars at Star Traders (MK) and Cargo Bay (Mission: Space)


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You can also check out the Shop Disney Parks app. They currently have 49 different ear hats listed. Since you're going next week it's probably too late to have them shipped to your home, but if you're staying onsite you can have them sent directly to your hotel.

At the very least, you can see what's available and which stores particular hats are sold in. (A handful are available in-store only)