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Best hotels for couples?


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It depends on the type of couple, but I usually like the ones with lots of dining/drink options for dates/lounging.

I would recommend the Gran Destino tower as the three bridges bar offers a stunning view and nice drinks perfect for unwinding. I also like the Riviera with their little coffee shop that turns into a wine bar at night or the Bar Riva by the Pool, plus the skyliner offers easy access to take strolls around other resorts. Lastly, the Boardwalk resort so that you can enjoy the boardwalk area, it is pretty romantic.


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ordinarily I would say POFQ, but since that's not open at the moment. I would do anything near Epcots International entrance. You would have lots of dining options and lounges between resorts and WS.

"El Scorpion"

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In the Parks
A lot of different ways you can go with this. I guess first is - what do you consider an R&R trip? Are you planning on going to the parks? If so, which parks are you favorites. Why I ask is:

If I wanted to stay on property (let's define - within the gates) at a nice resort and going to the parks was not the primary goal. Then I may look at Four Seasons, possibly something over in Bonnet Creek. Or at any of the Deluxe's.

If I wanted to go to the parks I'd probably look at YC/BC/Boardwalk -or- GF/WL for convenience and sprawling grounds.

If I wanted a bit of seclusion then AK may be the play.

As a dark horse, if the parks aren't involved - get a cabin in FW.

Club Cooloholic

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Just remember, it's Orlando, so no matter how hard you try, you still might have a screaming baby in the room next door or kids jumping around in the room above you.
That said I still have fond memories of my wife and I staying at Port Orleans Riverside, pre kids, walking the paths at night and staying in Alligator bayou. Nice thing about there is that they have several quiet pools and most kids go to the main one so very easy place to relax.
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Gaston's gal

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You could try for one of the Tower Studio rooms at Disney's Riviera since they are less likely to be around small children.
The Polynesian resort is so relaxing that you would always enjoy leisure time there too.


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We are trying out Gran Destino. We normally love Yacht/Beach but a little too pricey to swing this time.

We picked Gran Destino because it looks gorgeous, Three Bridges and Dahlia Lounge look fun (and open until midnight), the grounds around CSR look really pretty and overall I think it may have a more adult feel.

I will say when we chose - everything was open! It lost a little luster knowing how much is closed right now, but I suppose that's the case with most of the resorts.


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AKL is our go to and favorite resort. We went back in 2018 for out 20th anniversary and stayed at GF which we absolutely loved. Like others have said, that's on the higher price of things. I would recommend CBR or CSR. The biggest advantage to CBR is the skyline.

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