Best face mask for touring WDW


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Hey Everyone

Heading to WDW August 28 - 31. Any recommendations on the best face masks for breathability and comfort?


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I made 3-ply shaped cotton fabric masks with a filter pocket and then created the ear loops from really soft stretchy pieces of lightweight women's tights. For awhile, I was putting an adjustor on the ear loops, and I still do if I give them to other people. But for us, we like them better with lanyards. I really like both how adjustable and flexible they are for getting around your hair, etc. and I like being able to pop the mask down to eat while still keeping it handy to pull up. So, not really a mask suggestion but an idea for making many styles of masks easier to use and more comfortable:

I bought these but there are plenty of other places where they are available:
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I bought the UA ones at Springs last weekend and ran on the treadmill with them. I breathe really heavy and sweat, a LOT and they were great.
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