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Best Extinct Epcot dark ride - Poll

Best extinct epcot dark ride

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Basically, I wanted to see what you guys think was the best extinct dark ride that was at epcot.

Simba's Mom

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Although I voted for the Irons version of Spaceship Earth, I do miss the version of the Land Boat Ride where they had a live person sitting in the front, narrating. I always said that was the job I wanted when I retired. Now I'm retired and the job's gone!


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I chose Horizons, which I know is a boring pick. Even so, it still ranks as my favorite of any Disney World attraction. The combination of a cool ride system, positive look at the future, and classic Disney storytelling all clicked with me. Other great choices are the original Imagination attraction, World of Motion, and both Spaceship Earth options.


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I never saw Horizons, but watched a POV ride video. I have worked in electronics and they spent far too little time on microprocessors and 'crystals' (assuming they mean the silicon crystals that electronics are made from). That giant piece of metal next to the guy in the funny suit is one silicon crystal. They get sliced up for processing. Do you know how many transistors are in the newest iPhone processor? How small each transistor can be? How many special function circuits are in each smart phone? The improvements from Moore's law have transformed the world. In an every moment, real world way, much more so than anything that has been brought back from space. You could do an entire dark ride based on it. My other tech to highlight would be medical imaging (was right in GE's wheelhouse). Maybe throw in the cameras they use for arthroscopic & other less-invasive surgery. You could also link telegraphy with today's communications, but that would take some clever dialog.

For a sponsor? NSF? They fund a lot of fundamental and applied research.

The version I saw is over 25 years old, and today doesn't look much like the future they imagine. However, imo, the future we have is even more impressive.



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I was extremely torn between Horizons and the original Imagination ride, but I ultimately voted for the Imagination ride because it was hands down the most timeless dark ride in all of Epcot and could have easily had the very same staying power that attractions such as Pirates and Haunted Mansion have if it weren't for the initial crushing failure of Disneyland Paris (then called EuroDisneyland) back in 1992. Not to mention, the way the ride explained in detail all the different ways in we could use our imagination regardless of which field we specialize in (art, literature, film, science, etc.). Oh how I wish the versions that followed had even a tenth as much imagination as the original. In my humble opinion, Journey Into Your Imagination (1999-2001) did even more damage to the Imagination ride than M. Night Shyamalan did to Avatar: The Last Airbender!


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I should also confirm that yes, the Sea Cabs should be listed here. Since The Seas with Nemo and Friends closes off most of the views of the aquarium (beyond the end), it's definitely a completely different experience.


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I miss the sea cabs. I enjoyed winding through the aquarium. Actually I would take any of these rides coming back. Hey Disney keep us old geezers happy. ;)


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Of the ones I've actually ridden, I pick Irons SSE. But overall, for me it's a tossup between Horizons and the original UoE
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