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News Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage closing for refurbishment later this month

Marc Davis Fan

Well-Known Member
It would be great if they improved the sets and added more special effects. The more impressive this show is, the more it will help make the park experience just that much better for the guests dealing with the crowding during SWGE's opening months.

Also, I wonder of this means VotLM will be the first show that's replaced (since this seems like it would be a relatively substantial refurbishment for a show that's closing soon).

Casper Gutman

Well-Known Member
Just a fun note that, by the end of June, this show will have run longer than Horizons and World of Motion COMBINED.

When this show debuted, the first Bush was in the whitehouse and the USSR still existed.

Honestly, there are a lot of things to point to in order to demonstrate how badly run WDW has been since the mid- to late 90s, but the continuing existance of a dated show designed to be cheaply and easily replaced may be one of the most glaring. That’s compounded, of course, by the fact that Voyage of the Little Mermaid still exists nearby.


Active Member
Maybe they can spend some of that time pressure washing the filthy seats which are black with dirt at the back of each back rest. They just don't clean places like they used to.
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