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News Beatrix coming to Disney Springs


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Well aside from the pineapple being iconic,there was not much to care about on the West Side... Some things are getting better...Some worse (NBA). The West Side needs some really dynamic new things centered on Entertainment...Less "Lifestyle Center" like the rest of Disney Springs has become, and more imaginative...


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PHOTOS - Demolition of Bongo's now underway
Our view for the last week has been looking right at Bongos and with the spotlights on it through the early morning hours, I knew the demolition would probably start soon. It just has with the back wall being taken down.


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You’re right that no one really cares about the West Side. There’s nothing there to care about.

There is increasingly nothing to care about at Disney Springs. There’s increasingly nothing to care about at....well, I’ll just stop here.


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and THAT is exactly why the Pollo Campero place closed... If no one understands what this place is, it is not going to be on anyon's list for a great place to eat...

I miss Pollo Campero. I thought that they were good and would eat there every trip. They were reasonably priced also.


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Photo update as of Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Underground utility work and foundation work has began for the new structure for Beatrix. Perhaps the foundation forms closer to the walkway between Ample Hills and Beatrix are for a covered patio, and not the building wall itself. Will have to wait and see.



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"We reached out to Beatrix to ask if the project had been canceled, and a spokesperson confirmed that construction has been paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They went on to say that a start date for construction has not been identified, but did not say that the project was canceled."


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