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bay lake property


Original Poster
Does anyone know why disney does not create resorts on the other side of bay lake ( opposite of wilderness Lodge and fort wilderness).

Is that a possible spot for resort expansion or is it bad land to construct on?

It just seems like a perfect spot for a nice disney themed resort.


Active Member
You really need to look at an aerial photo of the property to understand why nothing is there. Directly opposite of Wilderness Lodge on Bay Lake is the edge of the property just beyond the trees. It serves as a buffer to the surrounding residential property and makes the area look more secluded. Also part of it comes very close to the Disney Golf Courses that are next to and behind Ft. Wilderness.

THis being said, there was to be a resort built amongst the golf courses that would be part of the Vacation Club. I was never quite clear exactly where the resort was to be built in that area though. The resort was shelved though while they redevelop the Institue property into Saratoga Springs.



Original Poster
It seems like there is alot of empty land on the photo, and alot of trees.

If disney did own that land it looks like there is plenty of room for a resort.

I really never knew that the Magic kingdom was so close to the edge of the property. I always saw the Magic Kingdom as the heart of disney world when in fact it is at the very top of the property.


Maleante Izquierdozo
Premium Member
it's there to keep the magic experience, well magical. I don't know many people who'd like to venture too far from their resort and wander in someones backyard

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