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I am due to have microdiscectomy surgery on my back. I am travelling to Florida 12 weeks post surgery and unsure how I will be in relation to going on rides.
Has anyone been roughly the same time after surgery as I will be and if so did they go on anything?

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My husband had major back surgery, not like yours at all. So, I don't know if this will help?
He go the all clear to go to WDW 6 months post op. However, we both felt that was way too early, so we waited 9 months, and all was good at that time. The PA we saw and asked about going to WDW was a foreigner and obviously didn't know what WDW entailed at all. She thought it was just a simple amusement park; so am so glad we waited. He still avoided the jarring ones like Space Mountain, BTM, and dinosaur.
I think it all depends on how you feel? No one knows that but you. Good luck.


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Maybe it's just me, but having dealt with a severely herniated cervical disc and the complications, I cannot imagine feeling comfortable advising anyone on this sort of medical issue.

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I don't have back problems....that being said......Space Mountain and jerky nature of the ride make my back hurt for about 20 minutes after I get off the ride. I agree with "Minnesota" above...steer clear of Dinosaur. TOT would also do it for being on the "avoid list".

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I had same surgery on l5-s1 disc also had further work done, I was as DLP less than 3 months later and was able to do every ride. But what I will say is that it all depends on the recovery and how you’ll feel on the day. I was on my feet 3 hrs after surgery and walking around. Just don’t carry any backpacks lol


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I’ve had numerous back surgeries over the years and I still advoid most of the rough rides. It’s not worth damaging your back for these rides. You still can have a great time and enjoy the park.remember just look at the signs warning people of the danger associated with the ride. Not telling you not to but please think long and hard. Have a wonderful time.

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