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Avatar replacement


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With all the turmoil surrounding the go-no go status of Avatar, I thought of a way
to keep the general theme, and make it more authentically Disney.

So, the idea takes a little from here and a little from there, but basically.

Entrance to the land is the Adventurer's Club reborn. Same basic premise, this is the stopping
point for vintage, turn of the century Adventurers. From there, you go on expedition, but to a mythical jungle somewhere. This, because it's set in the turn of the century, could be any of the
so-called 'blank spots on the map'. But, I thought, it might be Shangri-La. Now--this is a bit like the Asia thing already, but as Shangri-La is a mythical land, it could have the bioluminescent plants and strange creatures a la Avatar.

Or it could be Hyperboria, or Lemuria, or any one of dozens of mythical lands. Then, Disney creates a "canned mythology", with their own designs for mythical creatures, and it's own backstory.

Please note--this is not like Beeestly Kinggdoommee in any way, because it would not feature
mythical creatures of old, but entirely new creations and stories.

Or, would they just get their pants sued off by making something "sorta like" Avatar.

The point would be, take all that they've designed so far, and repurpose it with a different "skin" and backstory. The walkthrough zoo, the motorbike coaster, the Soarin' clone.

Call it "Journey into Ancient Pisbolia" or whatever. Make up a name.

Then, design it great, make it splendiferous, mythical, larger than life, and visually compelling.

Start at the Adventurer's club, and depart for lands unknown and countless wonders.

There you go, Disney. Take it. No charge, lol.

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