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Autographs or no autographs?


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We have been there 4 times and have yet to get an autograph book. Two years ago my daughters wanted one and it was the 2nd to last day. I told them at this point, you already saw all the characters. This past year I figured they would each want one, and they never once mentioned getting one. We do get lots of photos with the characters!
We do the character meals, short lines and Disney Chase character greets. Other than that, we're not in a rush to see characters. After the first time, especially.

WDW Zandt

My sisters and I never did the autograph thing during any of the trips my mother took us. I have noticed though that the characters have signed autographs and rushed people along, whereas for my own children they actually spent more time with them and had more unique experiences.

Dutch Inn '76

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My opinion: NO AUTOGRAPHS. If you go about collecting autographs, you're going to want to get into lots of lines to get MORE autographs. You are going to spend a crazy amount of time collecting signatures.

If you meet the characters just for the photo op, I think you'll find you only do the ones that you really want to - and you will save lots of frustration along the way. That, and a year later, you won't have this book of signatures that no one cares about...


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My daughters will be 5 and 7 this year and we are doing the autographs again. Last year was the first time we did it an they loved it. Especially at the character meals.


My kids, (5 & 3) did it but I don't think they really looked at them afterwards. They had fun with them while we were there, they were super excited about meeting characters though. So it wasn't anything extra.


We didn’t do it with our almost 2 year old. She loved meeting the characters and interacting with them, but I didn’t think she’d really get anything from autographs. We do look back on the pictures and she likes that.


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I think this is something I care more about than the kids. My husband and kids would be more than happy to leave the autograph books behind I think. However I remember toting mine around all over the place as a kid. I have so many autographs from all over the country, and I still look at them and remember. I want that for my kids so I stupidly bring them with me everywhere.


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Call me radical, but isn't this fairly simple?

If the kids want to get autographs then go ahead and get an autograph book. Otherwise, don't bother.

I see no point in collecting autographs if the kids don't care. Similarly if that's what they want to do, then do it. Or just don't tell them if you really can't be bothered. But most little ones love meeting the characters, and getting an autograph doesn't take much longer than getting a phot on it's own.

My kids loved collecting them, and I have happy memories from our first couple of visits. After that, as they got older, they weren't interested.


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When I was a kid, I loved getting autographs. I was so very shy (and still somewhat am), but I still got my autograph books from way back when.

I say go for it if the kids wanna do it!
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