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DVC peeps, I can't find the Aulani section of WDW magic but then Aulani isn't at WDW so that makes sense. This wouldn't work in WDW resort hotels because Aulani isn't at WDW. Anyway, it's a DVC question anyway.
We all have zero idea and can't read the tea leaves (at least I can't) on when DVC will allow us to make bookings using more than half our points. I'm guessing it's a couple years out.
So if we wanted to go to Aulani next year (assuming it ever reopens), we could use some of our points but then I guess we'd have to rent points? Being new DVC members, we won't have any points until Dec 2021, although we can borrow half of our allotment for next summer.
We ideally want to go next June but with Hawaii being closed to tourists and the resort being closed, they may not even be taking bookings at our seven month window in Dec.
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You can make bookings using all of a use year points plus 50% of next year’s borrowed points. Though we don’t know when DVC will open Aulani for more bookings.


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Don't forget at 7 months you can also buy 1 time use points. I'd personally ask for a transfer of points over renting as you will get control over them and can combine them with your own points for one reservation.

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