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Atlantis has just opened in the UK (well last week anyway)
and there hasn't been much hype about it, as everyone seems Harry Potter mad. Has anyone seen it and how does it rate compared to the other Disney greats?


I saw it and I loved it. Of course not many people agree with me. The computer animation in it is incredibly awesome, and the soundtrack ranks among other great movies. Maybe not as good as Star Wars or Jurassic Park, but still awesome!

I've said it once, I'll say it again. I think Harry Potter looks fake. All the dragons and magic and Fluffy, all look very fake. I was expecting to see these previews and thing WOW, this is amazing! But, I didn't and I don't. The quidditch scene looks like it has the same effects as Thomas the Tank Engine and the Golden Railroad or whatever. I'm very unimpressed. Monsters, Inc will definately kick it's bootay.

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