Are you a WDW loyalist or another type?

Are you a WDW loyalist?

  • I only have been to WDW and don't want to waste time on anything else

    Votes: 21 10.7%
  • I have only been to WDW but want to try other parks

    Votes: 34 17.3%
  • I do Universal, Sea World, etc. as well as WDW

    Votes: 126 64.0%
  • I have never been to Disneyland and don't plan on it

    Votes: 8 4.1%
  • I have never been to Disneyland but plan on it

    Votes: 38 19.3%
  • I have been to Disneyland

    Votes: 89 45.2%

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Jedi Stitch

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I'm a west coaster, so going to DLR is only a few day trip at most, so going to see other parks or features is natural. WDW, is an expansive trip. You can spend 3 days in just one park and barely see everything. You could do 2 weeks at WDW, and still come away, thinking you never saw everything. So with that said, you can be a House of Mouse man, but you still try to get to see other places.
My family and coworkers call me a Disney fanatic. I don’t think I am but I do LOVE WDW. I spend time on sites like this planning and just love being at WDW. Hubby says WDW is a resort, the rest including DL are amusement parks. Both against them we really enjoy them but even though our WDW trips are usually get up early we still come back relaxed.

That said every trip to WDW we have had at least 1 day somewhere else and now that the kids are teens it is 2 days at Universal these last few trips. Next trip 2 at Universal and 6 at Disney


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17-time visitor.
First time, Age 11

been there with family, friends, lovers, husband, and with school groups!


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I've been to Disney numerous times as a child. Every year we would go for a day or 2 even when i was a baby. I have some really great photos of me as a child in WDW.

I hadn't been in a VERY long time and i got the bright idea to go for my 30th birthday in 2015. My boyfriend (now husband) thought i was crazy. I was determined to make this happen and my whole family went for my 30th birthday which is Halloween. My brother and his GF didn't want to go (my mom kind of made them go). Well it was great time and everyone had fun! My brother's GF was looking up to go back to Disney for HER birthday on the trip. I felt like it was great success! Even tho we put it together fast and didn't have a ton of stuff planned.

I didn't realize my bf was a closet Disney monster and while we were there he was like we are going back next year for a week! i was like that's Disney Jail! But after that week long trip i was hooked. I called it the Disney bubble after that.

Recent trips:
WDW October 2015 (first time back as an adult)

WDW September 2016 (week long trip with bf)

DL April 2017
DL September 2017 (mother/daughter trip before i got married)
bought APs for each other as wedding gift.

WDW January 2018 (Starts AP)
WDW May 2018 (5 months pregnant)
WDW October 2018 (Our daughter's first trip at 2 months old)
WDW November 2018 (Husband/Wife trip)


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I went to MK in Orlando the year it opened. I was 11 years old. Then went back twice with my two young kids & once with one of the kids and her friend = 4. By this time, Epcot and HS were in the picture. Jump 18 years after my middle daughter was born and we had our 3rd child. We waited till she was age 5 and took her for her 1st visit to WDW. Thus began a whole new lease on my Disney life and our annual visits! My husband joined once more, we went on mostly mother/daughter trips and also brought friends and on one occasion another parent. We visited WDW from age 5 to age 16! Bringing my total to = 15. I am really bad with numbers (counting on my fingers), but that does not account for the fact that I have been 16 times, not 15. The reason being, when my daughter was 8, we went to DL to mix things up! We loved DL, despite my sister in law trying to kill the vibe by telling us pre-trip that we would not like it as much as WDW. And Anderson Cooper reporting on CNN that Japanese radiation had arrived on CA coast. Yes, it was the year of the big Japanese quake. I feel no guilt going to Orlando or FL strictly for WDW, although I probably should. We have done road trips to get there. We have even gone en route to Miami, where we would depart the country to live in Brazil. We did not fly to Orlando to visit WDW until that first visit with the youngest child. Heeelllo! What a difference that made. Flying vs driving ever since. I’ve been to Universal. The OG in CA. I liked visiting the real studio backlot. Nothing against the one in Orlando, but that was the draw for me. We really enjoyed it, but only went the one time. I felt some mega guilt going from the airport to DL and back. CA is such a fantastic place to visit. So much to see. So, yes I would say I am very loyal to WDW and hope to visit again. Sadly, I broke my chain this year. The little 5 year old is now 17 (soon to be college bound) and I reluctantly let her go on a school trip minus mom. Bringing her total to 13 visits (12 WDW/1 DL). Did I want to go. Heck yes!! Was it hard not to? You guessed it. I did not want to be that Mom. Turns out no moms went, despite the request for chaperones. I’ll admit, I got some satisfaction out of the fact that the trip was not well planned, and did not go off as flawlessly as my fine tuned and militarily executed missions. She had a blast with her school friends, but admitted as much to me. So this year I visited vicariously thru my child!


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I'm the kind.. Been to WDW 4 times and DLR once. Never been to Universal. I have no plans to return, ever. It costs too much and there are too many people. But I still like to read about both places and imagine what it would be like to go.

Big Phil

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Original Poster
I'm the kind.. Been to WDW 4 times and DLR once. Never been to Universal. I have no plans to return, ever. It costs too much and there are too many people. But I still like to read about both places and imagine what it would be like to go.
Sort of a subtle torture isn't it? Or a tease?


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I have many interests in my life and like to vacation in various places. I love going to the beach just as much as going to WDW.

But good god, when I’m in the Orlando area, I could not imagine going anywhere other than Disney. To me it would just be time I could be at Disney if I went anywhere else. No Universal, no Medieval Times, no anything else. In fact I stopped listening to a particular “WDW” podcast bc they starting talking too much about non-Disney stuff.

Maybe I’ll broaden my horizons one day, but I’m not there yet.
Exactly this, except for the final sentence—I can’t see my focus ever shifting from Disney when I’m in the Orlando area. I travel often and go on many kinds of holidays, but when it comes to theme parks, nothing other than Disney interests me (except for Dollywood, which I’ve yet to visit).


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WDW is always the primary draw but I will do Universal also every trip, Sea World I'll do every now and again, I'm only really interested in going back to Sea World to ride Mako though.


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I consider WDW the main park I like to visit, and have been several times, and have also been to Disney Land, though only once. I have, and will, visit other parks as well.


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Only been to WDW/Orlando, and taking the family for the first time this year. My siblings have been to DisneyLand Paris, so I'll probably check it out at some point.


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Different places offer different to find those vibes and vary them out over time.

I’m surprised at how much I like the intangibles of Disneyland over the mass of Disney world...for instance


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I mainly go to WDW only, but Once in a while I will do Universal. I also like other amusement parks like:
Kings Island
Cedar Point
Dolly Wood
Kings Dominion
Hersey Park
and others.
I go to WDW for the immersion feeling. I do the other parks for the thrill rides.


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We have Six Flags nearby for our thrill rides; thrills are clearly not Disney's focus nor should they be. It's nice to have the difference.

We've been to DL a few times but generally prefer WDW.

We will go see Harry Potter when my 9yo is reading the HP books and in to them; until then we don't really have a lot of draw to go there.

Once we get to the international locations we will pop in to see the foreign parks but haven't travelled that way in the past decade.

Even though we have a Six Flags season pass, we still probably spend more time at WDW


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Over the years, we’ve been to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Sea World. While all have been fun, there is simply no comparison between WDW and the rest of them, in our opinion. We still hit both Universal parks on every visit because we find them to be a lot of fun, but the majority of our time is spent in WDW, and we ALWAYS stay at WDW resorts.
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