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Are we too entitled as hardcore WDW Park Guests?


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I would not call the hard core WDW fan entitled (although some folks may feel entitled) In my opinion, I feel the hard core WDW fan, having experienced attractions over and over knows what a "good show" is and we know when its a "bad show"

Do I want a good show on each and every time? Yes! But I know the reality is I will not.

Some days when the tram to the parking lot pulls up just as you get to the line, you will count that as a magical moment since there were not many magical moments that day.


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As far as the safari goes- I couldn't tell you anything about my driver when I rode it. How much they talked, what they said, shoot, I'm not even sure if they were a man or a woman. What I do remember is seeing baby giraffes, who look as ridiculous as I though they would, a baby hippo peak its head out if the water just as we were driving away, a big beautiful lion sitting high up on a rock looking down at us, and of course the ostrich who followed us almost the entire way and kept jumping in front of the vehicle presumably to laugh at us.

Guest interaction is important in some parts of the park- I would have been so disappointedted if my waiter at Prime Time hadn't been into the antics- but I think the safari is one ride that's more than capable of speaking for itself.
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Club Cooloholic

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Ok, so the driver for sure seemed rushed but two things, and that is totally not right because this could be someones one time riding that ride. Looks pretty sunny so I don't think a thunderstorm was coming but I have no idea. But as someone said I have to sometime put myself in their shoes, maybe something really bad happened, I never need the commentary much, just slow down though.
As for the guy filming this?
1. SPEAK UP! Tell them to slow down when your not happy.
2 ***, are you doing just videoing the driver? What is the point of going on the ride and aiming your camera at them.

Big Phil

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The lines are the only thing that I would say makes me "entitled" so to speak. I honestly never notice the "dust" and stuff on animatronics before I came on this board, so we have gotten a little spoiled and jaded. Now, we do spend a lot of money to go there, a family costs a fortune to really experience things. And Disney should never stop trying to be the best in the world when it comes to guest services and such because this is what separates them, along with attention to detail. But sometimes people can be petty.
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