Are the DVC Member PERKS worth it?


No they are not. The only perk that ever could be "worth it" are the AP discounts but even then you've gotta buy a lot of APs to reach the break even point for that.

Also note that any perks can be taken away at any time. They should not be the primary reason for purchasing.


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Before we even went to Disney, my wife's dream resort was AKL All i could say was, 'someday"

we stayed at Coronado Springs on first trip. Visited AKL for dinner....all I could say was, "someday"
next trip - Pop Century....blah blah blah-------"someday"

we ended up buying into DVC and ALMOST went with Saratoga because the points were cheaper...but we decided on AKL and totally glad we did. It IS super hard to get a room at 7 months anywhere these days..let alone the ones we want at AKL.

So buy into where you want to stay! (now I can stop saying someday)

Well... We went with a 160 point SS resale. We're going to get 75 points probably at boardwalk or boulder ridge/copper creek at the end of next year. our resale contract also had 75 banked points to use by next August, so we really couldn't pass it up.


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To be technical guys OKW does not expire in 2042 as a resort. It is 2057. Those who signed a quitclaim relinquish rights in 2042. The resort as whole remains until 2057. Might not matter, not it is a tiny distinction we should be aware of.
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