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Are Fast Passes Linked to MDE Account or the actual Ticket?

Brer Oswald

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This is a question that might confuse people as it pertains to a very specific scenario, but I will try to paint the picture the best I can.


I have a hard ticket that cannot be attached to my actual Magic Band. I have an MDE account that has this hard ticket as well as a regular 6 day pass for general guests (one that can be used with a Magic Band).

I book three Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom on my MDE account. I use the hard ticket (not the Magic Band) to get into the park. However, I want to put this pass away in a safe place and use my Magic Band for the Fast Passes.

If I use my Magic Band, will it automatically pull a day from the other ticket I didn’t want to use? (The Ticket I did not use to get into the park).

*Scenario End*

I personally think the answer is no, based on how MDE works, but I’m getting conflicting answers. The way I thought it worked was: as long as you have any tickets in your MDE, you can book Fast Passes to your account and use them with whatever Magic Bands that are tied to the account. FP+, then, are not tied to the specific ticket you are using, but I could be wrong?


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I have multiple tickets on my account with some being non expiring. If I have a regular ticket, I see guest relations outside the Park first to make sure a particular ticket is prioritized before I swipe for the first time at turnstiles.

Queen of the WDW Screne

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I do not believe this will work out for you.
The FP is linked to your ticket and to your MDE account.
If you do not use a ticket that is linked to your MDE account to enter the theme park then the FP selections will not be able to be accessed.


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I guess the first question to be asked is: who told you the hard ticket couldn't be accessed by your MagicBand?

You can have multiple tickets linked to a single MDE account. You can make as many days of FP+ reservations as you have days of tickets on your account.

When you have multiple tickets linked at the same time, they have a priority assigned to them. When tapping into the park gates, it will use ticket with first priority each day until that ticket has no more days left. Then it will move onto the ticket with second priority.

If you want the two tickets to be used for entry in a specific order, stop at Guest Relations before you enter to double-check. You can even swap ticket priorities partway through if need be. (Like if you had a 1-day Hopper and a 6-day Base, but wanted to use the hopper day halfway through your trip)

But if both tickets are linked to your MDE account, I've never heard of someone not being able to access a ticket via their Band.

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