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Are all of the All-Star Movies rooms renovated?


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I recently saw a video from about a year ago that shows the more minimalist Huey-Dewey-Louie renovated room at this resort. Not sure when this was done but I'm wondering if all of their rooms are like this or if some have been renovated and some haven't. I'm guessing they all have but you never know with Disney these days, as projects can take longer than expected.

I'm also guessing the only difference between a standard room and preferred room is location, correct?



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we stayed in a preferred room back in 2021. to my knowledge, all the rooms were renovated. the room did seem tighter than it used to be. especially when you pull down the murphy bed. the room served its purpose, & it’s nice that they have a coffee maker now. a preferred room will put u closer to the main lobby, food court, & bus stop.
i would suggest staying on the 3rd floor so u don’t hear other guests walking or running above u. also, the walls seem pretty thin in the rooms. you’ll easily hear your neighbors at times.


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As above. We stayed at Movies in October/November 22, preferred rooms and due to wheelchair user were on floor 1. Didn't really hear any noise from other guests. Was close to Laundry and Fantasia pool. We thought it was a good choice.

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