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Application Question


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Back in May, Disney had a variety of culinary positions open. I did a phone interview, then was put on the waitlist for a full-time position. About a week or so later, they emailed me and offered a position. Due to the fact that I was currently employed out of state and the offer was significantly lower than what I was currently making, I turned it down. That was in the middle of May. Which brings me to my current question...

I understand I can only apply once every six months for each position. I put in an application yesterday and was instantly listed as "no longer in consideration" with an email today stating that it is because I have "recently scheduled an interview or already interviewed for another position". When I applied, I was thinking that the six months started when I put my original application in. Now I am thinking I should have waited until the middle of November. Will I be able to put a new application for the same position in later this month? Also, am I able to apply for other Disney positions I have not interviewed for yet?
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