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Mostly just posting this to vent my disappointment! I was really hoping to snag either a Space 220 lounge reservation or Topolino's breakfast reservation for my birthday (May 26) as I have family coming down to visit. I set my alarm for 5:45AM and tried both the app and website but both crashed repeatedly, and by the time I was able to access the page, pretty much all of the high demand reservations were gone 😓 Am I doing something wrong? I've heard from some sources reservations become available at midnight, but from what I can tell that doesn't seem to be the case. I was planning these reservations for so long and had such high hopes, so I'm feeling pretty let down at the moment. I guess I'll keep checking back over the next 60 days but considering the reservations I had in mind, I doubt anything will pop up!

Any advice for snagging reservations in future much appreciated! Also would love to hear from anyone who's managed to snag a reservation for either of these locations past that initial 60 day mark 🥲


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MDE never goes well for me without using an incognito window on my PC.

Sorry it didn’t go well for you.

Try the reservation finder on Touring Plans. Watch closely in the final days which is when I have had the best luck.


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I always use the website, and not the app, and that usually goes much better for me. And when I can’t get what I’m looking for I boom a back up and use the Touringplans reservation finder.

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I haven’t had any problems the last two days using my phone app in fact was able to get space 220 today for June date


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I've booked Topolino's character breakfast two days out before. I even had the choice between two reservation times. I actually had booked the night time meal the day before it was supposed to happen shortly before that (didn't realize it was character -less).

I'm constantly checking for Topolino's, too, so I feel the pain, but you absolutely do still have a chance.

(I've also snagged some very close calls with similarly high-demand Artist's Point. And I'm definitely going to start checking on the website now...)
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Please always consider OPEN TABLE - a reservation site that WORKS.

What is available?
Thanks for the list! Glad to see both Enzo's are on there--considering both for our son's 16th bday dinner before we see Drawn to Life!

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