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Anyone else miss Sum of All Thrills?


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While technically not really a ride, in my opinion it was a great simulator experience. I love getting to create my own ride and being able to simulate riding on it. I miss it! Anyone else? Although, one of the downfalls was how long it took to wait in line. Could you see Disney doing a larger simulator ride using this technology? I think it be really cool like sea-worlds(?) VR coaster.


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Yes! The first time I went on it (year it opened) it reminded me of the Virtual Space Mountain in Disney Quest with a higher thrill level and I instantly fell in love. It quickly became a must do every trip there after.
I think it was on an episode of Fetch with Ruff Ruffman BITD (although I only remember Expedition Everest from that episode.) Apparently, Mudkip and Bulbasaur were in the pre-show even though Warner Bros. owns the rights to Pokémon, and Nintendo made Pokémon, so it might appear at Universal soon enough.

I went on something like Virtual Space Mountain at a local museum when I was 11. It was pretty cool.

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