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Annual Passholder preview notification thread


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I'm so grateful to this board and even social media because otherwise I still haven't received the e-mail! lol.

I had a feeling today was the day.

I was able to snag Animal Kingdom on July 10th. I knew everyone would likely be going for the Magic Kingdom. I have the MK on the 11th so I didn't feel the need to do MK on the 9th lol

I have to lol at the system though. On my laptop web browser it was still 'waiting' but I hit the link a second time on my phone and signed up in no time.


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Went to look at it, even though we won’t be down there.
A CM I spoke to when trying to convince someone to upgrade our gold passes insisted I would be able to register for the preview days (even though we live in MA) but it seems clear that if your pass isn’t activated you cannot. Not her fault. I was just curious.

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Was anyone able to add guests? I was not able to add anyone to join me. Had no issues adding friends & family when general AP reservations opened up last week.
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