Trip Report An OG Anniversary Trip - Completed

And we're back!

We'll be spending our anniversary-ish trip at Walt Disney World. You may remember that we've turned into avid Disney cruisers and have pretty much sailabrated (see what I did there) on a cruise ship for the past several years. Much to our dismay, that won't be happening this year, but cruising will be back, so in the meantime, we will get Disney where we can.

If you've followed our past journeys, we may have mentioned that we had a DLR and cruise planned for mid-September. Cruise was cancelled and it's not looking like DLR is going to open the parks any time soon. We hate that Disney waits until THE LAST MINUTE to cancel, so we've taken it upon ourselves to change our plans.

I called up DVC today (less than 5-minute wait) and changed our Grand Californian stay to a Walt Disney World stay.

Here's the rundown. Jim Halpert needs to take notes.


What: A rescheduled DLR trip.
When: September 22 - 27
Where: Boardwalk Villas Studio

We converted a 3-day ticket for a visit in February to a 6-day in September, no problem. I made park reservations as well. I'm not going to lie...when this park reservation business began, I thought this was going to be a crazy free-for-all and all the dates would be snatched up. I was wrong. I've had positive experiences both times when reserving parks.

We have our room reservation and tickets in place. Now I'm working on flights and dining reservations.


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Skyliner = Mickey's Wheel of Death aka Pixar Pal-a-round at California Adventure. I can say I did it, but don't ever want to do it again.

I am currently in this boat about our November trip. We‘re staying at AoA and my husband expressed interest in riding it. My heights fearing self isn’t feeling very confident about getting on that thing 😬


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We hopped on the monorail and made our way to the annual Tamboooooooo Club of Awesomeness meeting but @wdisney9000 was a no show so we grabbed a mai tai and Hawaiian coconut porter before making our way to Enchanted Rose for some pinkies up action before dinner, Old fashioned and a Floral Bitter Beauty in style.
I'm always there in spirit, but it Looks like we may need to incorporate ER into our fraternity. I really like the atmosphere and with those prices, it should be same riff raff 😬😊

ETA: I'm tardy AF for this report but how are y'all enjoying the BW?


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Whelp, we closed out MK and just had to come back to Enchant Rose. @MinnieM123 looks like I'm a liar! We just had to try a few more and they turned out to be just as good as Wednesday!

I'm always there in spirit, but it Looks like we may need to incorporate ER into our fraternity. I really like the atmosphere and with those prices, it should be same riff raff 😬😊

ETA: I'm tardy AF for this report but how are y'all enjoying the BW?
Better late than never! For sure, the Inchanted Rhouse should be indoctrinated in to our awesomeness. You and I would only classy this place to pieces. Speaking of which, when we meeting at CSB? Heck well come to you and can do Dry County or Burnt Hickory.

As for BWV, The location has been great for this trip. Our room location, that’s debatable. We are almost the last room on the furthest wing of the DVC building. This is great for walking to HS and to the quiet pool but we are, what feels like, two Kidani houses away from everything else. And what the heck is up with ONE elevator bank for the whole resort!?!? Our room has been very clean but very dated. We realized last night that our ac system is still analog based as our thermostat is the kind with the sliding arm. And then the light switches. Its like you have to have a masters degree in the Da Vinci Code to work the lights in the room. The quiet pool has been great. We will probably try out Pennywise’s pool tonight. Love to stay in a boardwalk view one trip. Still, wed come back. The points per night makes it very attractive. Overall, BWV is very repeatable.
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Had a great lunch at Skipper Canteen. We'd been meh about it on the past, but it was good and we would definitely eat there again. I love the themeing.

Great day at MK. They've gotten creative with the queueing and things ran pretty smooth. Wait times were mostly exaggerated. 60 minutes posted for mine train. Actual wait was around 20 minutes. However, 30 minutes for Philharmagic was almost right on the money. If I go by the touring plans scale, I'd say it was a 2 or 3 for crowd level.

My favorite part of the the trip was riding 3 new rides with Runaway railway being the best.

It has been a great experience, but I'm ready for a cruise! WDW wears me out!
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gift card and Disney rewards systems are down park wide. It's a mess at quick service locations.
We had a similar issue at AK this past summer. Could only pay cash or use a credit card (the old fashioned way - had to write out everything and it took forever). No Disney gift cards. I felt bad for the CMs trying to do this. It was comical watching them use a calculator to try to figure out tax.
What the heck did I just watch? We had time to kill before lunch, and this was the only attraction that fit our time frame. NEVER AGAIN.
Oh my! We love the bears.

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