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Trip Report Aloha...E Komo Mai to Our Aulani Adventure!


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Then the kids got a few portraits done...
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And finally mom and dads turn...
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And to top it off, a couple pics that Kelly really wanted to capture...
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I thought for sure I was gonna drop her and was laughing the whole time but the photos turned out pretty well!

With our sunset session in the books, it was time to head back up to the resort and enjoy the rest of the evening. Which, of course, meant heading over to the Community Hall to pick up a tablet and continue our Menehune hunt!
I love Kelly's dress in those beach pics!! Beautiful!

Matt and Kelly

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To end our night the kids were all fired up to continue the Menehune hunt hit before we made our way over to sign out a tablet, we stopped at a cool Aulani sign that was starting light up as the sun rapidly set.

From there we signed out a tablet from the community hall and were able pick up where we left off from the last adventure.

By now the sun had pretty much set and the grounds we lit by tiki torches, string lights and the pool lighting. Like the Disney parks, the atmosphere completely changes once the sun is down and a whole new experience comes to life. Couple that with the sounds of the water and it was pretty awesome.

We were getting pretty worn out by this time so we made a deal with the kids that we would hunt down five clues and call it a night. They seemed ok with that and we set off.

Our first find was an unlit tiki torch that we had to play a special riddle near in order for it to light up and guide a lost ship to shore.


From there we were dragged all over the resort grounds looking for clues. Ella was intense!


Kelly and I were still smiling, even if we were ready for bed.

Finally we came across our final clue near one of the toddler splash areas. Like most of the clues, the reveal was really quite cool and left us with hidden Menehune making an appearance in a rock wall.


With that, we handed in our tablet and made our way back to the room to get ready for bed. It was amazing how quickly time was flying by as we now only had a few days left.

We wanted to make the most of the rest of our trip so we had lined up a special surprise for the girls to enjoy the next day. We weren’t going to let them know about it until the next morning though.

It didn’t take long for everyone to get ready for some shut eye once we made it back to the room. Lights out and off to sleep!
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