Allegiant Airlines?


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Allegiant is OK, but I prefer Frontier.

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The second flight a year or so later, we board the plane and it's eerily quiet. It took a moment or two to realize that they had shut the plane off. I mean totally off. You could hear a pin drop. We sit for about 15 minutes after everyone is seated and the "Captain" comes over the intercom to say they are talking to "flight control" for the "proper procedure" to restart the plane's engines. (Let me off this plane!)

Do what you wish with this info, but as for me I wouldn't fly Allegiant again if the flights were free.
Do you really think that the aircraft sits at the gate/hardstand with engines running?


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replying to a bit of an older post but with a bit of an update on Allegiant

At the end of last year they retired the last of their MD-80 fleet. They are currently flying an all Airbus fleet comprising of A319s and A320s, most of which were bought used. A few of the A320s are new and were purchased in 2017. The move to sell their older fleet and get a bit more modern should help with the reputation for being mechanically unreliable, as well as provide a better cabin experience for passengers.

Do you really think that the aircraft sits at the gate/hardstand with engines running?
Nah but usually there's still noise inside the cabin from A/C Packs or the APU. If it's a turn around flight most airlines don't shut the plane down completely. Depending on the airport and then the specific gate the APU may be used to provide power to the airplane as well as provide air for the climate control. A dead quiet passenger plane is rare.


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I flew them once round trip to Tampa area. It was ok. My husband won’t even consider it. Jet Blue for us.
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