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All-Star Options: which to choose?


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We will be staying three nights at WDW in early May and have the option to book a regular room at any of the All-Star hotels (Pop Century is not an option).

We are a family of four: me and my wife (both 30's) and our two sons (5 and 2 1/2).

Day 1 is check-in, pool time in the early afternoon, then Disney Springs that evening.
Day 2 is Magic Kingdom.
Day 3 is a different park TBD (or parks if we can hop).
Day 4 is check-out and departure in the morning.

I'm a WDW veteran (been going since the 80s) but have not stayed at any All-Star hotels since I was young. I'm leaning toward Movies since my kids aren't really into sports yet and my wife has already stayed at Music. She's hoping to try a new hotel and Movies is the best chance for kids to recognize characters and have that type of experience.

I also know the All-Stars are comparable to each other but there is always more to it, such as food court options, pools, transportation, proximity to certain parks, etc. Any advice, experiences, or recommendations are appreciated!


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I like Movies best for kids because of the characters and also, the main pool has a cute little splash area as well. Proximity to the parks is exactly the same. The 3 resorts are side by side, all within walking distance of each other. Whichever you choose, you may want to book a preferred room if your budget allows. Some of the standard rooms can be far from where the buses drop off. The walk can be tough at the end of a long park day.


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I would say Movies since you said your boys aren't into sports, yet. I've stayed at Sports and if you can, definitely book a Preferred room, which is closer to the buses and the main building (usually, the pool, too).


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I don’t know if I’m too late but the correct answer is Movies. Many of the rooms furthest from the Movies dining area are very close to the Music one. So it’s like bonus preferred rooms.


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Thank you all for your input. We went with Movies and I have a feeling it was the correct choice. I'm curious to see if I'll love it (nostalgia, here I come!) or if it will remind me why I avoid value resorts when possible. Either way, I can't wait to be in WDW again!

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