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Alien Encounter Revamp Idea


Original Poster
I was thinking, why not do something similar to how mission space has the Green & Orange sides?

Basic Idea:

Before you enter, a cast member asks if you would like a more intense experience or a more child-friendly experience & hands you a designated card, which is your key to the teleportation chambers.

X-S Tech returns to the newly renovated Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center with a new CEO after the companies demise in 2003 for the dangerous & questionable practices of the company,.

In the first pre-show, we're introduced to the new CEO of the company where they explain the truth of Chairman Clench & how he wanted to use the tech for evil & we were basically his guinea pigs but continues to guarantee us things have changed for the better. We're reintroduced to the teleportation by 9-Eye & the timekeeper, which have been enlisted by x-s to implement time-travel Into the chambers for a more advanced experience, if wanted. 9-Eye then explains that she'll be coming to us to interact with us.

In the second pre-show, we learn about how important teleportation & time-travel is to the future of transportation & humanity from S.I.R, who is happy to be out of retirement & also was reprogrammed to be more friendly. The audience will notice glitches in him that give a slight feeling that somethings wrong but he assures us that it's just because he's been out of service for so long. Pretty much same pre-show. We then are interrupted by 9-Eye prompting us that she's ready to meet with us.

Intense Main show:

9-Eye, X-S Employees, & The new CEO are on the screens waiting for us to all be seated. Slight glitches will appear on the screen & one of the x-s employees think someones hacking the system but the CEO assures us that they are the most advanced tech company in the universe & no one could possibly hack into the system. The screen cuts to black, we're met with a member of a cult who worships the old X-S tech and chairman clench who believes he was doing right & explains how they have hacked into the chambers & sends us back in time to the exact events of the original alien encounter.

Kid-Friendly Show:

Everything folds out as planned & guests are greeted with an interactive show with 9-Eye where she does whacky things & will take requests on where to go from guests. So kinda like turtle talk with crush but with an animatronic! Could even implement certain Disney film IPs into the locations just to keep people happy lol...

In my opinion, It'd be a good way to bring back aspects of two beloved attractions in a sorta fresh new way.


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I had a child friendly alien encounter idea floating in my brain for a while, but this is great!