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Alcohol Served with Some Under 21?


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Actually, in NJ the number of liquor licences in any given municipality is based on population...I don't know the formula, but the number of residents = the number of licences.

Close, the number PERMITTED by the State is based on population, the final amount issued is set by the municipality - it can be less than the amount permitted. There are plenty of dry towns in NJ where there are not liquor licenses. I used to live in one. There were package licenses, but no restaurants or bars that served alcohol. Interestingly that is where we hold our Oktoberfest and bill it as one of the few times you can actually drink in that town.

Tony the Tigger

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I remember NJ blue laws and dry towns. 🙄


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Wow. I didn't know that. I have brought my 17 yo son with me into Wine Works and nobody has said anything to me. I am usually only buying a single bottle of wine and snacks he picks out. I moved here a few years ago, so I had no idea. It's weird to me that I can't buy wine, beer and sprits in a super market here. I miss my Three Buck Chuck or whatever it costs now. LOL I live in South Jersey and I assumed it was a vestige of the Quakers' influence. (There's a Quaker meetinghouse at the end of my street!) I had no idea this was a statewide thing.
Welcome to the twisted laws of NJ. There is no law saying you cannot buy alcohol in a Grocery Store.

Here is the "real" law and some history. The law is, that no corporation can hold more than two liquor licenses in the state. Years ago when there were a bunch of mom and pop type liquor stores, and the grocery stores and large chain liquor stores started to move in. The mom and pop shops fought for this law claiming it would protect them from the cut rate prices these stores could deliver.

So, there are 2 licenses for each grocery store chain in the State. Most of them are down the shore, because that is where they do the most business.

But, you may ask, you said ShopRite was an exception. Yep, ShopRite is different. ShopRite is a co-op. Wakefern foods owns the ShopRite name, and the warehouse / distribution network, but the actual stores are independently owned. There are a few independent owners that one one store, and then there are a number of families that own multiple stores. Each of those owners are a separate corporation, and therefor can each own up to two liquor licenses. So, you will find quite a few ShopRite stores that sell alcohol in NJ.

Lets not even talk about the laws against pumping your own gas.
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