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Air Conditioning Trick

Logan Stephens

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Air Conditioning Trick
One thing I have learned that is very helpful (especially if you love cold air like myself) is that the air conditioning units at the resorts are motion sensored. This means that if you are in the park and you turn the air conditioning on expecting it to be cool when you get back to the room, it won't actually turn get turned on until there is motion in the room. The same goes for when you are sleeping.

There is a solution
Introducing a balloon, let it float around the room. It will trick the sensors and the air will always be on. That's pure Disney magic right there


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Balloon won't work at AKL as they are banned. And at BCV and some other resorts they have removed the ceiling fans. Here is a link that may help. https://buzz2k1.wixsite.com/coronado/ac-override
They may say the balloons are banned but that didn't stop us from having one when we were at AKL... also you don't need a ceiling fan to make the balloon move around we just teathered it to a chair and positioned it so the air from the AC vent would hit it and make it move.


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You can override the motion sensors. If you can’t find it by googling, you can call housekeeping and an engineer can sometimes come up. We did that at Bay Lake, and he told us there are “how to” guides online.
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