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Advice for renting DVC


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My fiance and I are going to Disney World for our honeymoon Sept 30-Oct 7.

We currently have a small, refundable, deposit down on a trip with our arrangements made to stay at Port Orleans Riverside in a king room through a wonderful agent at AAA.

However, I began looking into DVC rentals through a well known broker service and got a quote for a savannah view studio in Kidani Village for only slightly more money.

Being the extremely risk averse person she is, while being excited for the prospect of the upgrade, she is concerned by the lack of control over booking (being dependent on member is booking room/dining plan).

Any advice?


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If you are going through a well known broker, there isn't much hassle. I'd be more concerned if you rented through an individual. That being said, I, as an individual have rented to many people on here with no broker in between and all parties were happy.
With broker, once the rental is made, you are given the confirmation number and you can then link your MDE and have full control from there. Unless you want the Dining Plan, then the owner has to make those. But other than that, there are several safeguards in place with a broker. Have a great honeymoon!


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My advice is: go for the DVC rental, and if you can secure the reservation, don't sweat it. Purchase vacation insurance if you're still nervous. We've rented several times from a reputable broker (David's Vacation Rentals) and it's always gone very smoothly. Their communication was great, too -- any time I had a question, I could call and speak to a real, live person who knew their stuff.

slappy magoo

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Agreed on going for the DVC rental IF you're going through a well known and respected broker. I know a few of them are BBB certified. But because it's your honeymoon (and it's not my money) I'd also suggest having/renting a car. Not just because sometimes WDW buses can be a bit dicey. I just think it's nice to have that extra alone time (and I don't mean "alone" alone time, I just mean, not having to deal with crowded buses or sore feet). With the possible exception of the days you're going to MK where the bus tend to be more convenient.


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I agree go with the DVC rental as long as it is a trusted broker. It looks like only savanna view at Kidani is open so I truly wouldn't wait too long to rent if you are going to. We love AKL Kidani and the savanna view is totally worth it! I like POR and it's one of my favorite moderates, but AKL beats it any day.


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We used DVCRentalStore this past weekend, for the second time. We submitted a request for Thanksgiving week at the Grand Californian knowing it was probably a long shot. In less than 24 hours our assigned agent, Laruen, had communicated with us about 8 times via email both Saturday and Sunday, answered all our questions in less than 30 minutes each time, secured all our points for the trip, and sent us the Disney confirmation number! Again, all in less than 24 hours! I'm a former @EOD K9 disciple and have rented from him about 3 time leading up to our own DVC contract purchases. I would have rented from him this time too but needed VGC points. He is fantastic to work with if you are looking for a private owner to rent from. We've also used David's in the past as well with great success.


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I'll second DVC Rental Store. We had a zero issues, easy trip/reservation just as if we had booked it ourselves directly. Our agent (Bethani) was fantastic. Will definitely use DVC Rental Store/Bethani again.


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If you know a DVC member they can call and book for you at the 25%. I've done that for people multiple times and actually really enjoy doing it. If not then I've also had people call and book through the DVC Rental Store and they are both really awesome. I wouldn't even care to do it for you myself if you have any trouble but I'm sure the rental store will be the best bet.


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Having rented a dozen times, go for the DVC rental. Get your dining if needed, easy request. Get your travel/trip insurance if you want peace of mind, or use a broker who for a nominal fee, will add cancellation option to your rental. Those are literally the only "control" issues, since after you receive your resort reservation number, now "you" are in control linking to MDE, and doing all your fast passes and or dinning reservations. The rental brokers are in this business to make this as smooth as possible for you. And as you have already found out, its basically getting DVC accommodations @ moderate or just above moderate pricing, and still so much less than Disney direct.

Plus, this is your honeymoon, Treat Yo Self!

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