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ADR question


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Today I could start making my ADRs, and we had theme park reservations. One that we wanted was Oga’s Cantina, however it isn’t available on the day we have HS reservations. If I have reservations for Oga’s for 4 pm on a day we don’t have HS reservations, should we still be good? I tried getting HS reservations for that day but according to the website, there are no HS tickets available that day (or any other day we are at Disney)

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A dining reservation does not guarantee you entry.
Do you have a park reservation for another park that day and do you have a park hopper ticket?
If so then you should be able to hop there as long as capacity allows for it.
According to others on here hopping has not been an issue even at HS when the park reservations say "sold out".

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