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ADR Pre-Event Question!


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Hello everyone! New to this board but definitely not new to WDW :) its nice to meet you all!

Anyways! My girlfriend and I are preparing our 6th trip together this August and I have a question hopefully you can help on. We got Boo Bash tickets, and it says 7pm entry. But… you know how you can make a 7-8am ADR for a usual MK morning before rope drop and get in? Can we do that and get in at like 3-6pm??

Thanks!! °O°

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You're comparing apples to oranges in your scenario.

No you will not be allowed in early for an ADR. You're already being let in 2 hours prior to the event actually starting.
I'd make an ADR for 7pm or have a valid ticket and park pass for MK for that day so that you can enter the park earlier than 7pm.
OR eat at a restaurant near MK.
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