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Epcot is my fav

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I plan on visiting Epcot in July and I will be arriving with a very picky group of eaters. I am looking for somewhere to make a lunch reservation that will satisfy everyone. The other couple going with us do not eat meat and this is their first time at Epcot. My gf and I ate at Le Cellier last year (loved it) but we are looking for a new place to eat.

Any suggestions?



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have you considered teppan edo? picky eaters can skip the sauces or anything to "whatever", veggie only not a problem. chefs de france might work for you as well. there's simple things like mac n cheese and a hamburger on the menu for picky adults and veggie only options. if you're on the dining plan both are only one credit. i'd mostly suggest checking out allearts.net for the menus. it's quicker to navigate than the official disney site.

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