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So reviewing these forums, it seems that, since Covid, there isn't a literal "rope drop" at opening for the parks to avoid big crowds for social distancing. My understanding is that they are letting people into the park about 45-60 minutes before the posted opening time, so that they can line up at the individual attractions and possibly get in a ride or two before the official "start" time.

I also understand that they keep the parking lots closed for vehicle access and don't start bus/skyliner service until about the same time (45-60 before posted opening).

My question is if you arrive at a park on foot prior to opening (either from walking from a resort or drop off nearby via Uber), is there some barrier that people have to line up at before they can enter the park and queue up for an attraction? For example, with a posted opening time of 10 AM at HS, if someone wanted to get there extra early (before 9 AM when the parking lot opens and the busses start arriving), would they be kept back away from the entrance someplace in the parking lot where the cars are also made to line up? Or could they walk through the (inaccessible to cars) parking lot and get in line somewhere either inside the park or outside the entrance at say 8 AM to ensure that they would be among the first people to have access to a particular ride?


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The lack of rope drop has been overstated. As I posted in your other thread, we missed MK, but we hit MGM 2 times. There are lines outside of the temp screening checkpoint. Markers on the ground 6-8 feet apart. So it isn't the made crush of a true rope-drop, but people are lined up and once the gates open, folks are headed to their attraction of choice. All of that is why renting a car puts you at a disadvantage (because you're held up before entering the parking lot) as does using Disney transportation (does not start running early enough to get you to the parks before opening).
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