Trip Report A trip to remember..from the hotel room, mostly!

Well we just returned from our wonderful trip to Disney.

April 19th -
We arrived a day early so got a room at Pop Century and it was great. We swam, went to downtown Disney, and had overdue family time.

April 20th -
Wide awake on Easter (the bunny came and my 8 year old discovered the basket in the pitch dark at 450 am) and decided to head over to AKL to check in for the week!! Yay, we were finally home :) Had breakfast and headed out to Epcot. This is our first family trip to Disney so it was exciting to my son's reaction. Now some information about my son, he has ADD and SPD along with anxiety. He was all over the rides at Epcot!! We rode test track, mission space, spaceship earth (his favorite), and checked out some others but never got to do soaring. The line was 90 minutes long when we decided to try it out. It rained most of the morning and was slightly cold but it made for a somewhat nice day!!

April 21st -
We decided to try the water park, Typhoon Part of my son's SPD (sensory processing disorder) is water fear and he HATED the water park. He asked to go so we thought we’d try, oh well. So we left and just hung out at the hotel for the day. That evening my husband and I had reservation at Victoria and Alberts (for our 10 year wedding anniversary!!) so we got all fancied up, drop my son off at Simbas Club house (he loved it and wanted to keep going back) and off we went. Food and service was great!

April 22nd -
We had Hollywood studios planned, my favorite park of all times!! My son did the ToT and he loved it but said one ride was enough :) I forgot how scary the ride was but it was awesome. We made a day of it but my husband wasn't feeling well and neither was my son so we skipped fantasmic (boo) and went back to the hotel after dinner. My husband really was feeling like crud and my son had an anxiety attack so it was best to get to bed early.

April 23rd -
We headed off to Animal Kingdom and had a character breakfast with Daisy, Donald, Mickey and Goofy! It was fun and my son LOVED it so much. My husband was feeling horrible this day and after getting them on EE (soooo much fun) I sent my husband back to the hotel to rest. My son and I went on a safari, hit up the dino games (can I say this is the only thing that is a complete rip off at Disney at $4.00 a TICKET???) and he had fun. After walking around a bit we decided to go back to the hotel to swim. I got back to the room and my husband had a fever. So I decided to take him to the urgent care the hotel referred us too. Let’s just say it was the longest 3 hours of my friggin life. The staff was completely rude and VERY snippy when we asked (after almost 2 hours) when they thought we'd be seen. Well he comes out (because I wasn't allowed to be with him, news to me) he told me he had the flu. AHH. Not at Disney! But it was type A so it'd be quick. Off to walgreens for medication, where we discovered they have a walk in clinic we could have went too and been in and out within 30 minutes. Garh. We got room service that night and everyone rested.

April 24th (our 10 year wedding anniversary) -
Around 2 am my son woke up vomiting, EVERYWHERE. All over him, the bed, the floor, you name it. So I get up, clean him up and my husband called the front desk to get new blankets and sheets. My son crawled into the other bed with my husband and fell right back to sleep. Around 7 am he started to vomit again and was looking horrible. As a side note my son is very skinny, he's around 47lbs and 4 ft 3inches, he's under the 5% for his weight and age. So we took him to the Walgreens clinic and the doctor comes in and took his pulse, which was 160 and instantly told us to take him to the ER because he was likely dehydrated. We walked right into the ER and they took him right back. He was very dehydrated so they gave him a bag of fluids and IV meds to stop the vomiting. They also gave him the flu test but they didn't think he had it. Well he had the flu too! Dang it. So after about 4 hours at the ER we were sent back to the hotel. The ER doctor said he was safe to return to the parks the next day, just take it easy. He had been on his flu meds for 24 hours so he should be safe to be around others. I took both of my boys back to the hotel where they sleep the day away. I went back to Walgreen’s to get my son’s medication and did some off site shopping. It was so much cheaper!! After they slept all day they were hungry so we ordered room service again. My son finally ate some chicken soup and passed out for the night. I knew he was feeling bad because he NEVER slept that much before.

April 25th –
Everyone was feeling much better! In fact my son woke up around 4 am and claimed he was better. I said, “great, go back to sleep.” And he did! LOL. We took our time that morning, had room service breakfast and headed off to MK. My son was so excited to go; apparently he’s been waiting to the whole vacation but never said anything. I thought he’d find it boring but he loved it. It was our last full day but man we were wishing for an extra week, just for MK alone!! He asked for a stroller (he was still kind of tired) so we got one and should have on day one, it was so much easier for all of us. We also got the disability pass, again, should have on day one but we only ended up using it on one ride. But we will remember this for next time. We headed back to the hotel around 2ish, swam, lounged by the pool and just relaxed. We got pizza delivered to our room and hung out watching Frozen but sad it was our last day. Then I got a phone call that our home town was hit by an EF3 tornado. Luckily is missed our house and those around my house but my grandmother lives with us and no one could get in touch with her. She eventually realized she had a cell phone and called my mother and she said she was fine and it didn’t come near our home. I was scary to be 600 miles from home and not being able to anything. Our town was hit pretty badly but no one was seriously injured.

April 26th –
We got up early and I was sick now, the flu had struck me. Boo. A 10 hour drive and I was feeling like crap. Luckily the doctor called me in medication so I could take it ahead of time so my only symptoms were pretty much being tired, headache and body ache. We packed up and headed out saying good bye for now to our Disney home L But we plan on returning in 2 years!! Can’t come soon enough!!!

As a side note to all my pooh sized travelers, I am a pooh sized girl myself (22/24, all hips, and booty) and I had no issues with walking or riding a thing! I was so scared and I read up on everything but was still scared when I arrived. The first ride we went on was test track and I said to the lady, “Be honest, I’ll fit fine right?” and she smiled and said, “Hunny, you will have room to groove, don’t worry.” And then she said, “Do you ride in a car? Can you buckle your seatbelt in the car?” and I’m like, “Of course!” and she said, “then you can ride everything at Disney with no issues.” It was so reassuring and she was kidding. The seatbelts were so long and I could fit another person on me and still buckle with room. I had NO problems at all.


I'm so sorry about the sickness on your trip!! We had a similar story in 2012 and it's so disappointing! Glad you were able to work some fun in around the sicknesses though!


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I'm so sorry you all took turns being sick on your trip! I've been sick there once before and it's hard and sad at the same time. Sounds like you had a good time at the parks when you were able to be there though. Glad you are going to be going back in a few years! Your boy will be even more excited the next time!


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Sorry to hear you & your family were sick in the World :(
Sounds like you made the best of it !!!
Hope all are feeling better ... now you can start planning your next trip :)


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Wow.... That sounds like a sad TR! Off course the joy of being in THE World.... But then your son gets sick.... Pfff and tornado's at home! Hope everything is ok! And like Ibrad says... Planning for the next trip??


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I feel your pain - it's the pits to get sick on vacation. Got sick myself at Disney on the first day of a week long trip. Out of nowhere got a sore throat the first day; sneezing and fever the next day; then laryngitis the rest of the trip but at least I felt somewhat better. The plane ride home was a different story. My sinuses were congested and the cabin pressure was really hurting my eardrums.:eek:
OMG!! I am so sorry to hear about all the illness. It sounds as if you tried to make the most of a difficult situation. You are a good mom!! Hope all is well, and much fun planning your next magical vacation to the world!!
Sorry to hear about your family's illness but glad to see you still had some fun. Prayers to the people who suffered damage and loss because of the tornado.


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Thank you everyone. I tried to make the best of a pretty sucky situation :) No need to fuss over something out of my control, right? We love AKL so it was like being at home and being sick! I'm still recovering from the flu but we discussed returning in 2 years. I cannot wait to book and start planning! I love Disney and we'd do the Disney club but it isn't in our budget at this time. We hope in a few years to invest in it. We talked to a few people who had it and they raved about it.

The tornado situation is OK here. Tonight we have had about 3-4 tornado warnings but nothing has hit (thankfully). Tomorrow isn't suppose to be any better. I keep saying I didn't move far enough south to avoid the snow (I'm originally from upstate NY) and moved to south for the tornados! LOL.

M&M Fan, I hope your wedding goes off without a hitch! CONGRATS!!! I've been married 10 years and my husband is still the greatest man in my life (next to my daddy and my son, of course!).

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