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A Sinfully Grand Christmas Trip Report


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Glad you got to see sunrise at the canyon - definitely my favorite time of day there. Your pictures are great, but still can't convey just how awesome the canyon is. I've seen it from so many angles and seasons, and it always takes my breath away.


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Glad you got to see sunrise at the canyon - definitely my favorite time of day there. Your pictures are great, but still can't convey just how awesome the canyon is. I've seen it from so many angles and seasons, and it always takes my breath away.
Thank you! Very true about photos vs. seeing it with your own eyes. Even the best photos in some of the books don't capture that feeling of just standing there and looking at it. I'm hoping we make it back to this area at some point, so that we can see some of the other national parks in this region and make it to the north rim.


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Dec 26th Cont-

Before starting up...found a few more pics of interest from GCNP in the kid's pics...

That's enough. LOL

We stopped in the Kingman area for a quick break. I don't know why, but I was very impressed with their little holiday display at the rest stop.

It was also funny...the kids and I stood out in the common area waiting on David, getting ready to ask him if he wanted to get some Dunkin Donuts. Next thing ya know, he comes walking out of Dunkin with a bag of donuts...that all I could do was sniff!

And then it was back on the road...

We opted to skip Rte 66 again because David and the kids were just ready to get back to the Vegas area. Still, along the way, we decided we might try to pop by Hoover Dam. Getting closer...

We still weren't 100% on doing this, but the traffic we could see exiting was moving...slowly...but moving. So, we got off.

And while I saw this sign...and I was scanning all of the rocks...I saw absolutely 0 wildlife.

David starting getting a bit annoyed, but things really were moving.

And it was kind of a pretty view from up there...

Things were still moving pretty well as we got near the checkpoint...

And minus a few fools who cut the line by jumping into the van/bus lane and one car that forgot that they had firearms...things were still going well...until they weren't.

We were now barely moving and David's patience level was pretty thin. So, we decided to pull into the lot up ahead. This looked like where we got out when we visited the dam in 2003 and at the very least it would be a spot where we could turn around if we couldn't find parking.

It took a good 20 minutes to get to that lot from this point. We kept just missing spots in our pass through the lot, so we decided to turn around. Even getting out of the lot was madness. I don't know why, but I took this pic as we were leaving and getting back on the highway. I think I was just sad that I wasn't going to get to stand there making a bunch of bad "dam" jokes.

I started mapping our way to the Bellagio and responded to our online check in email. It was around this point ... driving through Henderson (I think) at the time...that they saw skydivers.



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It wasn't long before Vegas was in view as well...

So, we get to the Bellagio and the next task is parking. Unlike the Venetian, the Bellagio's garage was pure madness. David wanted to skip the ground level because we could see how challenging it was to leave the garage, so we went to the middle level, which supposedly had about 10 spaces. We quickly found out that the sensors were malfunctioning, causing false readings. There were a number of spots with green lights that were occupied. So, to the roof we went...where there were still a number of spaces (for now). It was chilly and windy up there, so we quickly made our way inside.

First off...we get inside and it's pure chaos with the crowds in there. I'm immediately regretting Santa's decision to gift the kids with a view of the fountains, but I'm in it now! The one nice thing, by checking in online, I didn't have to mess with the regular line and front desk. I walked right into the little room for people that did online check in and was helped right away. David said our timing was perfect because the line was a good 10 parties deep by the time I was finishing up.

I had a feeling we'd be in the Spa Tower since our room was classified as strip view rather than fountain view. The fountain views are in the main tower, but there were none available. That's what we were in last time stayed at the Bellagio. Oh well...so we decided to check out the room first...which was quite a hike. I know it's Vegas and it's pretty normal, but with the crowds...it felt a bit worse. Bellagio's security at the elevators was nothing more than ornamental. Unlike Venetian with their RFID card readers and guards checking everyone... Bellagio's just stand there checking nothing. Oh well...we made our way to the 21st floor and headed to room 21630...and like any "normal" person, we checked the view before anything else...

Kind of bizarre...we had the view of the fountain and the strip, which is what I really wanted, and yet it's also a parking lot view. I guess I can also at least keep an eye on the car...

I wasn't quite ready to fight the crowds to get back to the car, so we decided to sit there for a few minutes to watch the fountains go off and check out the room.

Sadly, I seemed to be the one who was most interested in this. Nobody even wanted to turn on the channel broadcasting the fountain music.

Sam also checked out the tub because she brought along a bath bomb and wanted a chance to have a nice relaxing soak. She was regretting not using it at the Venetian after seeing the Kachina's tub, but decided this one at the Bellagio would do.

Time to get the bags! When we got downstairs, David asked the security guard if there was any other way to access the parking garage as it seemed like our elevator bank should back on the parking facility. Apparently no. So, we made the long and crowded walk back to the garage. FUN

We hung out in the room a bit longer after that and I just watched the fountains.

Everyone was getting a little hungry and David had some places he wanted to show the kids, so we headed out...

We headed up to the tram connecting the Bellagio to the Aria and Park MGM.

We got to the Park MGM and while I didn't take any pics, I did have fun looking around. It was in its final stages from going from Monte Carlo to Park MGM and was literally one day away from its official grand opening. We stayed here once and often visited because we liked it's brewery and Houdini bar.

I also got a little chuckle from a memory as I walked the largely unchanged casino floor. It was summer 2004, maybe about 5am, I was up in the room by myself fast asleep...only to be woken up by people running up and down the halls screaming and throwing rocks from the decorative displays near the elevator banks. I don't even remember if I put on shoes or my glasses, but I went down to the casino...stomped over to the table games...and started whining to David (having a good night at the blackjack table) about what was going on up there. Maybe it was the whining...maybe it was the just rolled out of bed appearance...or maybe it was how much $ the casino was trying to get David to lose...but I got the attention of the pit boss. I know we got some comps, security was sent to the floor and I got an escort back to my room for my safety. In any event...it just all made me laugh while walking back through that area.

Oh well...we were moving on to New York New York.



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It's hard to get sharp light photos at night when you're walking, but this area sure was pretty. It even kind of reminded me of the old Rainbow Corridor in Epcot.

Even more lights once inside...

And some of the regular lights...mixed in with holiday decor.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I wasn't ridiculously hungry...but I was a bit hungry at the time and really needed to eat to keep up my energy. So, what does David suggest and get in line for to help tide us over...pizza. Now, I know that I had a small amount of dairy in the chocolate in my cake the night before and had some slip ups over our summer trip, but 1. my tummy had already been cramping from the chocolate 2. My most recent accidental "glutening" was pretty ugly. He knows this! Unfortunately, it was Kendall who chimed in with hard core whining that she didn't want pizza. That drives him mad and he already can be super cranky when he's hungry. So, I nicely try to tell him that we should keep looking so we can all eat...something that didn't really occur to him until after he got some food in his system.

We ended up at America, which I guess is their equivalent of a cafe (since pretty much every Vegas casino resort has one).

Plus, being the cake girl that I am, I'm kind of a sucker for cute stuff in cases like this...

I thought the restaurant was also kind of neat with their big 3D America...

As well as the huge post cards and scenes...

The menu was full of options and since David really wanted this as more of a snack, I went with something light. I got avocado toast on what was supposed to be gluten free bread.

There are so many GF options out there these days that's decent that I can't usually tell if something is GF. HOWEVER, I wasn't charged for it on our bill. The server was very quick to point out that there was an upcharge for it, so it seemed peculiar that she'd neglect billing me for it on the ticket. Nobody could confirm if what I got was or wasn't GF, but my tummy had issues for the rest of the night. Not sure it was from the chocolate, the chocolate and the bread, nerves from it all mixed into it...but, unhappy tummy regardless.

David's "snack" was a crispy chicken sandwich. Blurry and he said it wasn't good.

Sam drew a lot of criticism from David for getting the adult portion of spaghetti and meatballs. She totally would have been fine with the kid sized one. She also said it was just OK.

Garlic bread was her main reason for wanting the adult sized...



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Kendall went safe and got a burger.

It was not a very exciting meal/snack, and obviously I'd be paying for mine a bit more, but nobody was hungry. So, it did something.

So, we headed out (and I took a number of bad to awful pics)...

And like usual, we got turned around and ended up on the wrong crossover at first, but we finally found our way...

Yes, the castle of our trip. Actually, we were heading to the tram to get down to Mandalay Bay. We got there and it was incredibly quite. I've heard some of this is because of the shooting...like people don't want to go there or stay there since it, but I've also always spent less time there because of location. I mean, it's the very end of the strip. Sure, the tram has been there since before my first trip, but it's still far. Soooo...you can see how quiet this is in the shopping/restaurant area...

I was hoping we'd see the wine angels...

But sadly, it was a quiet time for wine.

My husband and I also have an ongoing joke about jackelopes, so this had us cracking up.

They did have a nice tree down there...

David wanted to walk all the way back to the shark reef. I told him that I thought we'd been back there twice and there was nothing to see, but he wanted to go anyway. I wound up being right, so I just sat at the window taking pics as they looked around.

David and Kendall saw a fun photo op after this. Sam, for whatever reason, did not want to be a part of it.

Side note- that sweater K is wearing was part of the clothing I bought her for our Dec 2015 Disneyland trip. This is one of the pros of having kids that don't grow like crazy (like normal kids)...clothes and shoes last a lot longer. She's normal...just will always been a bit vertically challenged...and it makes my budget happy!

So, it was time to move on and we like taking the indoor corridors between the hotels on this part of the strip...

David and I spent a night at the Luxor some time ago and one of our friends had her bachelorette party at the club here for her Vegas vow renewal. I've always thought it was cool looking, and even though my friend said his recent stay here was awful, I still wanted the kids to see it.



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And not exactly Egyptian in theme, but I thought the lights at the bar were super cool...

Egyptian wreath? LOL

Time to move on to Excalibur.

David has always liked video games with these kinds of themes...so we had to go into the store with the big dragon.

After that...it was a walk through the casino. Never wanted to stay here, but I do enjoy the themes running through it all. Although, David misses the dragon throne they used to have...

We decided to head back to New York New York and take a peak in the Hershey's shop.

Time to head back to the tram...

We talked about heading into the Aria, but it just never happened.



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This room at the Cosmopolitan looked like it had a party going on...

Not sure of all of the backtracking we were doing, but we headed out and decided to hit the Miracle Mile shops. I know we hit up the CVS too because I got some cashews and earplugs since everyone needed some relief from David's snoring. Still, once in the shops, it was nice to see all of the Aladdin remnants...

The kids also started asking for shakes...and we weren't finding anything in the quick service ice cream variety that was safe for Kendall. It was creating major tension and we didn't want to sit down anywhere that might have something more like Black Tap. We eventually decided on a place that was more yogurt/smoothie bar and I even found something decent for me that was lactose free. No pics though as they weren't cute. LOL

Shortly after, they also decided they wanted another souvenir, so they bought tie dye hoodies in this one shop. I took a pic in there that I thought was funny, but probably not forum appropriate.

We decided to try heading into Planet Hollywood. We stayed her in the summer of 2005 as they were starting to transition from Aladdin to PH. At that point, it was only a few bev naps and chips that had made the change, so it was still very much the Aladdin vibe. Most of what we saw in PH now looked like this...

Ultimately, it made us miss the old theme. We ended up making a rapid exit right after this because we came up on the "pleasure pit." I wouldn't have been a fan of it even if we were kid-free. I've just never been a fan of the lingerie-clad go-go dancer style gimmicks. I know some people love it, but I'm more of a sports bar/nice lounge kind of person...so it screams cheesy night club to me. I realize it's Vegas, but a lot of casinos tried and ditched stuff like this for a variety of reasons. I remember when the Pussycat Dolls party pit and Shadow Bar became big at Caesar's along with all of the other burlesque style out in the open things in the mid 2000s...and most of it's gone. In any event, just didn't need to stick around for it at PH.

I think this is us crossing the street to get to the Cosmo...

Speaking of...we decided to pop in as David and the kids were ready for a snack (even though they just had one!). Things like the Aria and the Cosmopolitan aren't new, but they're new to us...so I was curious. Not sure what I was expecting, but it was interesting...

I could have gone for some eggs and I've heard that place above is really good, but nobody else was with me on this one.

We went through a number of their areas with dining options, but nobody liked anything. So, we headed back to the Bellagio.

A bit blurry, but it's still crowded...

David popped into one of the stores to pick up something...so we sat down for a bit and I took a pic of the pool area.

After that, we looked at the Patisserie, but there wasn't really anything that ws fitting what they all wanted.

We went by the Bellagio's equivalent of a cafe to see if they had anything to do the trick.



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The menu looked good, but there was this bizarre exchange between David and the hostesses that still doesn't sit well with me. This whole idea of it being "fancy" came up. And maybe it was a poor choice of words on both sides, but I walked away feeling like they were telling us it was too fancy for us. David didn't get that...but it's a freaking cafe!!! The bulk of the menu was soup, salads and sandwiches. Oh well, they directed us to some place called Snack that was towards the back of the casino. The kids' feet were tired and hurting, so I didn't love this, but David was on a mission.

Kendall and I sat while Sam and David got in line for food.

I'm glad I got those cashews and dessert, because there wasn't a thing I could eat. David and Sam each got pizza and garlic knots. Kendall stole David's knots.

After that, we somehow got through the crowds in the casino...almost tripping over a woman trying to gain control of a labradoodle...and watched the fountains a bit before bed.

Also kind of neat to look down on the conservatory from our room.

I was also happy to get some rest since my food issues were still not making me happy. Sleep would help.

Coming up-

Christmas Gifts day!
A non-Disney Monorail
A trip down memory lane
Room woes


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We stopped in the Kingman area for a quick break. I don't know why, but I was very impressed with their little holiday display at the rest stop.

I love displays like this as well. They had a limited space, but someone obviously took pride is making the scene as pleasant as possible.

Enjoying your whole TR--excellent photos and observations. I'm caught up, and just took a "tour" with you of some of the hotels in Las Vegas--such a fun place to visit!! :happy:


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I love displays like this as well. They had a limited space, but someone obviously took pride is making the scene as pleasant as possible.

Enjoying your whole TR--excellent photos and observations. I'm caught up, and just took a "tour" with you of some of the hotels in Las Vegas--such a fun place to visit!! :happy:
And that's it...you go into all of these big commercial places where you know they have big budgets and pro stylists. This was someone's personal little design that may even came out of their own budget. It was so pretty and thoughtfully done.

And we've got more hotels to tour! :D I'm just always blown away with a spectacle it all is.


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Dec 27th-

Today was going to be a BIG day. Today was gift day and I planned it this way because I didn't want to do anything big, especially hard ticketed things, on a travel day. We got up a bit earlier just so we could get going. I had contemplated hitting the Bellagio's fitness center, but like the parking garage, it wasn't well situated and I really didn't like going in and out of the Bellagio's crowds by the conservatory in workout gear...or drenched in workout sweat and funk. I felt guilty, but hoped we got in a bit of extra walking to compensate for some of it.

It was a beautiful morning...

I also convinced David tohead back to Sadelle's (the cafe place) for breakfast, because I was convinced it wasn't overly fancy.

There was a line, but pretty much every place had a line, and at least this put us on the edge of the conservatory decorations. We even got to watch them changing out some of the flowers in the bears.

David was also quick to point out the reflections as the sun and clouds shifted on the snowflake stars...

With the lighter morning crowds, I could get a few pics I wasn't able to get at night. In fact, I hadn't previously realized that this finial had flowers.

It was about a 20 min wait as well, so the kids were starting to get silly as we got to the tail end of the wait.

Took a pic of the pretty flower cart towards the front of the line

And finally...seated!

And while I can't eat a single thing on it...doesn't this look divine!?!?!?!

The kids were just happy to sit down. Pretty sure they were starving. They're ALWAYS starving!

When you combine the vibe of the atrium in the conservatory and the window work in the restaurant's dining room, I was getting a bit of a Crystal Palace vibe...

I wound up having to give David my bagel and cream cheese, as they didn't have any gluten free/lactose free options, but I had the whitefish salad. Pretty sweet presentation!

And unlike the El Tovar waffle, this one was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

David got the Benedict...

K had some kind of skillet.

And I had a side of turkey sausage to make up for not being able to eat the bagel. LOL



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Took a few breakfast selfies...

I took a pic of this cute sitting area/lounge on the way out...

Even lighter crowds on our way out this morning...

And then up to the tram platform to make good on the next of Santa's gifts...

Here comes the tram!

And we're off...

I'm sure the tint is for the extreme summer heat. In fact, we normally go to Vegas in the summer. I remember, the trip where we got married, it was 116 when we landed and it was crazy hot like that all week. It wouldn't be anything close to that during this trip though. In fact, it was pretty darn chilly!

We arrived at the Park MGM and the kids were being silly with the wall art...

We tried to get through this way, but everything was blocked off. We'd totally forgotten that it was their grand opening...and there were all kinds of tv crews, MGM brass, and such up in this front area...

So, we went out the other way ... which was probably the better option. And there it is...time for the next gift!

Time to head in...

I had to lock my camera and phone up when we got upstairs...so I just took a few pics on the way...

So, after figuring out that we didn't need to wait in the arcade line to buy tickets we had to go back through and get a locker. And of course I had no change, and I couldn't find the change machine, so I convinced the gift shop manager to give me change for a dollar. We loaded up our locker and got into the official line.

The kids were nervous since they've never ridden anything coaster-wise outside of Disney. David was just nervous because he's not big into coasters and has never ridden this. Me...I was fine. I went on this back on my first trip to Vegas. I was going to go by myself because David wouldn't ride, but his best friend went with me and screamed the whole time that he didn't know why he did it, because I wasn't even his girlfriend. LOL

We had some fun taunting the kids while in line and these guys behind us got such a kick out of it. To me, it's a tame coaster that's gotten a bit rough with age. Samantha, who rode with me, was pretty funny. During the first lift hill and throughout the ride, was in this pumped up freak out. It was one of those...I hate this, why am I doing this, Santa - never listen to me again...that turned into OMG I loved it, can we go on again. Kendall, on the other hand, was miserable. I could hear her crying the whole time...and it was because it was banging on her cheeks and with her braces, causing a ton of pain. She did say she'd never complain about Space Mountain again, but has some reservations about trying anything beyond a Disney coaster. She was also very happy from this that I wouldn't have time to work in the Desperado coaster in Primm...which is a MUCH better ride...but even more intense.

After this, we needed to figure out what to do for the rest of the morning. David wanted to go down to the Stratosphere to take the kids up to the observation deck...even though he and Sam hate heights and he was a mess when he and I went there pre-kids. He also forgot that it wasn't free, so I suggested an alternative...see if you can see the clue in this pic...

So, we made our way through the MGM which also has some nostalgia factors for me...



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Just standing near the check in area brings me back to June of 2000 and my very first Vegas visit. A friend of ours had wanted to do a surprise 5 year anniversary vow renewal for his wife. The marriage didn't last, but this surprise was EPIC! She thought they were just going on a little of weekend getaway, but shocked when he took her to the airport. The shock continued when 8 of their friends were there at the airport ready to travel with them. So, at that point, she thought it was going to be a fun 10 person trip. The next group of us, which was the biggest group (36 in all), flew in a couple of hours later and surprised her around this point at check in. So, now we're a group of 46. I wasn't there to see the final 8 arrive, but it wound up being 54 of us in Vegas to celebrate. MGM royally screwed up our reservations, so this area also is a reminder of big drama and frustration...but that's another story. LOL

We walked around for a little bit...even got this fun pic of the kids...

I really miss the lion habitat that used to be in here and very sad that it's gone. It was always my fave part of being in the MGM.

And since we weren't going downtown to Freemont St and I believe Vegas Vickie is gone since Glitter Gulch closed (at least Vegas Vic is still supposedly there), this little spot downstairs in the MGM was the closest I'd be getting to old school neon...

So, if you picked up the hint before...or really just saw my upcoming in earlier posts...you probably guessed that this is where we're headed...

The kids thought it was pretty funny to be going on a monorail that wasn't at Disney. Well, we were and poor Kendall had another mishap. The gate wouldn't read her ticket and was giving all kinds of errors and strange sounds...and of course, we all went in ahead of her thinking it would be fine. So, us and this other lady were trying to help her, since there were no attendants on duty. The other lady ended up taking K through with her, but the sensors sensed two people and it started to close down on Ks hips. Needless to say, there was some pain, but it passed.

We were at the very southern end, so lots of monorail to be covered...

It wasn't long before we were off on our monorail ride...

We decided to start by going all the way down to the end and stopping at the SLS...which if you know your Vegas, this was the Sahara. In fact, it was the Sahara the last time I rode the Vegas monorail, which was coincidentally, the first day the monorail was open.

So, we get out and the kids get their first closer view of the Strat...and quickly saw the insane rides and the insane bungee jumpers. No way we're doing any of that.

We quickly walked through to the front and found a nice little tree display...

The kids saw the Strat from the front, but nobody felt like walking over...even though it was close. I've been in two or three times and it's nothing exciting until you go up top, so that was fine with me.

So, we turned around and I started trying to caputre some of the quirky fun elements of the SLS.



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There were a number of neat things in the carpet, but this nod to the hotel's past was my fave...

After that, we decided to head back to what is now the Westgate...

Looks like our monorail is on its way...

If the name Westgage doesn't ring a bell, this was also the Las Vegas Hilton and the International...and the next few pics should give an idea of some of the history involved with this place.

And this pic kind of freaks me out, because I wanted to get this of Frank and Nancy, but the check-out reflected in the glass just gives it this crazy creepy vibe...

We didn't spend a lot of time in the Westgate. Unlike the SLS, which had a decent number of people, the Westgage was sort of creepy dead inside...plus, because of the historical stuff, they had a lot of signs and people positioned to keep families with kids out. I mean, I get it...there are laws concerning minors on the gaming floors. Most just are usually OK as long as you keep walking. So, we walked back to the door. LOL

Back on the monorail...

We wound up getting off at Paris/Bally's and as soon as we got off, we saw a Wayne Newton sign...

Wayne holds a very special place for me. Not that I'm a huge fan, but he's one of those iconic Vegas performers. When we got married, we gifted the friends and relatives who made the trip to Vegas with tickets to see Wayne Newton. Well, except for my brother and now SIL. They wanted to see Blue Man. So, Wayne was playing the now demolished Stardust, which also had a nice old school vibe. The pictures are somewhere in my mess of stuff, but we were in an area where Wayne came out into our part of the audience going table to table. I got some lovely pics of all of his bling! So, it was fun to see that Mr. Vegas is still playing Vegas.

On our way through Bally's, we saw this display with one of the old Bob Mackie Jubilee costumes. The girls told me it was wildly inappropriate, but I thought it was stunning.

Time to make our way back up to the strip...



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I remember these things used to be part of the big people-mover into Bally's. Never a huge fan of the place, but I thought it was cool to move through the neon arches at night. Oh well...time goes on.

We went back to the Bellagio for a bit and rested, but soon it was time to get ready for our nice last night dinner and show. Kendall even let me have the bathroom for some of the time.

The kids cleaned up pretty nicely...

And while I liked my little dress without a jacket...

It was windy and going down to the low 40s/upper 30s...so I needed a bit more...

And I know it sounds crazy...but I love how you can get away with wearing all kinds of sparkly things in Vegas on any day of the week, so I was super stoked to be going out in sequins!

Coming up-

Dinner at Hell's Kitchen
Cirque du Soliel LOVE
History at TI
The great milkshake fiasco


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If the name Westgage doesn't ring a bell, this was also the Las Vegas Hilton and the International...and the next few pics should give an idea of some of the history involved with this place.
I was at the Hilton years ago, and a guest there showed me a (somewhat hidden) glass case with a mannequin inside that had on one of Elvis' stage outfits -- the white bell bottoms, top cape, incredible beading--think it was a bird (eagle?) on the back of the cape--just stunning.) He had passed away long before I visited Vegas, so I never saw his show.

We wound up getting off at Paris/Bally's and as soon as we got off, we saw a Wayne Newton sign...
Wayne used to perform at the Hilton for many years - a few shows a night, and I think they were always sold out. I did see his show there one night, and it was great. (Nowadays, I think he's usually out in Branson, but does some limited engagements in Vegas.) I know he has (or had) a large estate in Vegas, with horses, etc.
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