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Pre-Trip A (NOT SO) well planned family affair- September 2017


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Thanks so much everyone :D:D

I just received this text from Billy "Okay, im really excited now lol"

Man, oh man,how times have changed! :inlove:

I may do some live updates, but don't hold me to it! I post a lot on Instagram stories and i think most of you follow me already but if not ,and your interested, Im @ciarastinson


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Our room was ready and in the 90's, so you know what that means...

Refurb room! :joyfull::joyfull:

I took pictures on my camera so I can't upload them right now but wow these are so much nicer. When I first saw photos I thought they were too white but I really love them, so many cabinets and cubbies and all around a modern/luxury feel. Well done Disney! Our bathroom door won't close all the way so we will call the front desk in the a.m. but for now, gonna catch some zzzsss


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Our first couple days have been jam packed so i haven't had much down time and when I do I fall asleep :hilarious: today we slow down a bit, I'm still in bed! Haha Heading to Hollywood studios for lunch and then to MK.

Some photos of our favorites from the last 3 days
Don't worry I redeemed myself :p
FOP was incredible, we can't wait to ride again!
Close but still win :p