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Trip Report A Not So Splashy, Very Dashy, Somewhat Sleepy and A Little Frisky, Uplyfting Sept 2018 TR (Completed!)


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It's only TEN days away from the ADR window opening for my September trip. Are you ready to book some good eats?!

Hopefully we can meet up for a bite! :geek:

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Congratulations to Ross on the return of the Crocs!
Thank you!

Totally worth the wait!!! Nice work Ross!
Thank you!

Well that was certainly nice of the manager to do that when they have a strict policy. I bet it was the full story that really entertained them.
I have a feeling that CM went home and told the story a few times! lol

That was an awesome conclusion!! So well written. I was nervous when you all started feeling sick that the good vibes might be gone. So glad it worked out for the best. Thanks for sharing your story!!
Thank you! I was so nervous the whole time.

I was dreading the end of the crocs story so I’m glad it worked out!
I can't believe he managed it, but yes, I'm relived I don't have to deal with them anymore.

Oh, that's so nice of the woman for offering to switch! Having never been there, I have a question because this just made me realize we may have an issue. I understand that you are matched up with a banshee to ride...does it just give you a number and you go to the ride vehicle with that number? Or are you seated in the same vicinity as your family? DS will freak out if he's not next to one of us.
Yes - she was a sweetheart. You are grouped with your family - so your DS can be right next to you. The issue with Hope was that where her number was - she couldn't see the screen ahead of her and I think she believed she really needed to "see" everything clearly to make the transfer to her Avatar possible.

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Now in all honesty, I can't recall if I consciously sent out 'specific good vibes' to your hubby, but I did go to the zoo here in Milwaukee and went on my own safari of sorts and then celebrated with some sweet treats with my cast of BILLY ELLIOT at rehearsal that night, so we were kind of 'in sync' throughout the day! I'd like to think I'm always sending positive energy out in to the World, so I will accept a teeny tiny little part of the 'blame' for Ross' positive return experience.

In the company I work work for we're always encouraged to treat our customers with kindness and listen to their reasons for returns or exchanges on an individual basis and then act accordingly. We've even rewarded customers who have brought in stacks of old, expired coupons with SOMETHING for their trouble since they actually held on to those coupons and made their way in to the store to redeem them. I wonder if that was the Manager's way of approaching the Crocs return as well? In any event, I'm glad it worked out well for everyone involved.

It was a Happy September 17th all around!! Yipppeeeeee!! :geek:

Glad to hear you had a happy day and I will hope you never have to deal with a customer like Ross. lol

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Congratulations to Ross!! A happy ending to the Crocs story!
Yes - and I'm so happy because it's need. But now what is there left to write about? lol

Sorry to put this here, but I couldn't stop giggling at this guy's expression.🤣

View attachment 349478

View attachment 349479

View attachment 349480

View attachment 349481


Some times the best ride photos are of other people! lol

good to hear that ross had his magical crocs moment...

took guts to actually go thru with it IMO :)
He said he knew he had the support of his Magic Board friends, so it gave him courage.

When I started reading the infamous crocs post I imagined that Ross gave his entire crocs monologue while wearing those mouse ears. A little bummed to see the pic at the end and that I was wrong. 😂
I never ever realized he wasn't wearing them! He wears them all the time!

Wow! Great job Hope!
Thank you!
Not sure what I loved more; the Dinosaur ride photos or the Conclusion of the Crocs story.

good job Ross!
Yes - the dino photo is hysterical!

I always love your reports! I am so happy Ross was able to accomplish what he set out to do, that is so awesome!
Thank you!! and thanks for reading along!

What a great end to the Crocs story, I love that Ross went through the whole experience of how he came to have the offending Crocs!
Thank you! I never thought I would be including a pair of shoes in my TR's - but hey, we are a crazy family.

Oh my goodness!!! She did so so awesome!! What a natural - I hope she gets picked! :)
Thank you - unfortunately, she didn't get picked. :(

Congratulations to you that you no longer have to hear about the crocs! :hilarious:
Thank you!

If they don’t choose her, they are CRAZY!!! She’s amazing!!!
Awwwww thank you!! Unfortunately, they didn't pick her. She was very sad, but for the first time, she showed real "sad" emotions, so in that sense, it was great for me to see she can exhibit those feelings.

All caught up, what an amazing trip so far. I'm glad Ross got his money back for the Crocs, it just shows that honesty is the best policy. :)
Thank you! My husband is crazy,, but he is honest.

Awesome story about the Crocs. You had me laughing at you hiding in the corner. So glad it worked out for him!
I thought I was going to knock over the rack, or someone was going to think I was trying to steal something! lol

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Sorry everyone - I've had so much going on, I haven't even been able to keep up with reading TR's lately. I promise to wrap things up soon. Although, I'm not sure it will be as exciting as waiting for the great Crocs return. Oh, wait, there was somehthing that happened to Ross on our last day that may want to make you keep reading...


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I have been waiting for so long to see the conclusion to the crocs story. I interned on the management team of the merchandise shop at Pop Century last year and was very curious to see how it would play out! I'm 99% positive I know which leader he returned them with and I can definitely say that he probably got a good chuckle out of it! I know I would have!

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I have been waiting for so long to see the conclusion to the crocs story. I interned on the management team of the merchandise shop at Pop Century last year and was very curious to see how it would play out! I'm 99% positive I know which leader he returned them with and I can definitely say that he probably got a good chuckle out of it! I know I would have!

Oh my gosh, how funny would it have been if you were there when he returned them! Yes - I'm sure some CM's got a good laugh out of Ross' return. We were both very grateful, and impressed that they took them back and were so curious about it.

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Day 13: Tuesday September 18th

Now that the Crocs were forever gone, I awoke wondering if Ross would find new shenanigans to fill the void. I should also mention that by this time, Ross and I were together for whole week without any major fights, but we were getting close to our limit. I could feel the tension starting to build. We have been married for 27 years so we have had lots of practice on how to “disagree”. However very rarely is there a week when we are together non-stop. Whoever said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” was on point. So I had a feeling that we were going to be going to battle soon.

I was up by 6:30 and got ready for the day.


The morning started out a little rocky as we were all having some stomach issues. We all blamed them on the food we had from Pandora the day before, since they started after that meal. Hope was the only one unaffected and she didn’t eat any of the food there.

We took our time before heading out to the busses at 10:45.


We were on our way to Epcot. We had a great bus driver who gave us a bunch of info and pointed out the solar panel field.

We stopped in the bathroom before the entrance to Epcot and hanging in one of the stalls was a pin lanyard. There was a birthday button with a girl’s name and her age on it attached to it. When we walked out of the bathroom, I looked around to see if anyone seemed to be looking for it, but it didn’t seem like it. I did notice someone who I thought it might belong to, so I called out the name, “Avery!” and the young girl and her mother turned and looked at me. So I held out the lanyard and little girl then obviously realized then she wasn’t wearing it. They seemed very relieved, and I was glad I found them before they got too far.


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With our bellies full, we made our way to check out the store.


Then we walked over to America. Julia and I wanted to see The American Adventure. I was hoping Ross would be looking forward to a nap, since history is not his idea of vacation time. He was fine with it, but Hope wasn’t having it. She didn’t want to see the show. I told her we were going anyway – she actually loved the show last year, so I’m not sure why she was being so obstinate. If I knew the carnage that would ensue as a result, I probably would have changed my mind. In we went. We saw the singers first; they were spectacular!


After, we headed into the theater.


We sat in the back so Hope could sit in her stroller. But then she wanted to sit in a seat – then back to her stroller. She was just very cranky and disruptive. I should have just pulled her out of the theater, but now Ross was intent on having her stay. By the time we exited, none of us really enjoyed the show and Hope was in complete meltdown mode along with Ross. He was going to take her back to the room, and normally, I would have been right there with his decision, but honestly, I think I set her up for failure. So thankfully, we all got ourselves under control and continued with the day. However, the window of fighting had now officially open for Ross and me.

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Hope wanted to meet Mulan, so I was hoping she was out in her garden. I checked the APP as we walked towards China and I was happy to see she was there. I think she was really excited to see Hope wearing her dress. Thankfully, it made Hope’s crankiness disappear. It was so unbelievably hot as we waited. Julia and Ross went over to get some iced drinks.

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